This page references legacy processes for when GCCRs will require corrections. As of 7/25/2023 (with the release of the final GCCRs) corrections will no longer appear on the following period's GCCR because of the transition to ECC Project Statements. This means corrections to GCCRs for legacy periods (periods ending 6/30/23 and prior) must be made on the GCCR for the period corresponding with the earn date of the salary change that occurs.

Making Changes to the GCCR

  • Make the change in the relevant system (MyFD, FIN, etc.)
  • Note the change on the report, including the correct budgets and corresponding salary amounts. Do not use whiteout.
  • Attach appropriate documentation supporting the change (posted salary transfers, MyFD or FIN screens, etc.)
  • Have the PI initial the change, review the GCCR and certify (sign in ink) and date the report.

Note: Updated GCCRs will not be created. However, the correction will appear on the next quarter's GCCR with the appropriate earn dates indicated.

Salary Transfers

  • Salary transfers posted within the GCCR quarterly cycle dates will be reflected on the GCCR for that cycle.
  • Salary transfers posted after the GCCR cycle end date will appear on the quarterly report within which the OSET was posted, typically the next quarter. This transaction will display an earn date in the quarter where the effort was performed.
  • For salary transfers posted to a prior certified quarter:
    • Note the change on the impacted GCCR(s) and have the PI initial the change.
    • Example:
      • Salary transfer is processed in October that affects July-September GCCR.
      • Salary transfer will appear on the October-December GCCR
      • The earn date of the transaction will be within the dates of the prior GCCR, i.e. July-September
      • Change is noted on the July-September GCCR and the PI initials the change.

Is there a way to find out if I had any late salary transfers that may have affected past GCCRs? Yes

Retro Pay and Overpayments

  • Other salary changes that affect effort on the GCCR should be handled in the same manner as salary transfers. The change should be noted on the prior, certified GCCR(s) and the PI should initial the change. Appropriate documentation should be attached.