Departments are responsible for ensuring GCCRs are downloaded within the 60 day review period, reviewed for accuracy and certified by the PI. An internal tracking process should be set in place for this purpose.

GCCR Process

  • The GCCRs are created once each quarter and are displayed in the system by the organization code associated with the budget in FIN.
  • ASTRA access is assigned by the unit's ASTRA Authorizer to to one or more individuals designated as GCCR Generators with the User role.
    • Without this authorization, the department will not receive email reminders or information on the GCCR process from eFECS.
    • Authorization must be granted to EACH org. code that the department is responsible for downloading and reviewing. It can be as broad or as specific as desired - all the way to sub-division level detail.
  • eFECS sends an email notice to all GCCR Generators approximately 10 days after the end of the calendar quarter indicating the GCCRs are ready to be downloaded.
    • The department will have 60 days to complete the review and certify the GCCR.
  • The Principal Investigator (PI) or other responsible official (see "Who Can Certify") reviews and certifies the report within 60 days of the department’s receipt of the email from eFECS.
    • If someone other than the PI certifies the report, attach documentation to support their determination that the work was performed. This is generally an email or memo confirmation from the PI that the work was performed by the individuals listed on the GCCR.
  • If salary corrections are required the department should submit the salary transfer or initiate other changes (e.g. retro pay and overpayments) and note the change on the report, including the correct budgets and corresponding salary amounts.
    • Changes also should be noted on prior certified GCCRs.
      •  Do not use whiteout.
      • The PI should then initial the corrections.
  • eFECS sends an email reminder two weeks prior to the due date.
  • File and retain the GCCR and any supporting documentation for the time period specified in the UW retention policy, currently 12 years after the end of the fiscal year.

Departments are responsible for making the GCCRs available for review upon request by internal, state or federal auditors.

The certified reports must be maintained at the appropriate organizational level, i.e., college, department, division, etc., where administrative and budget records are maintained for the budget number assigned to the sponsored project.


Management Accounting and Analysis (MAA) will periodically sample GCCRs to ensure the  processes within the department includes adequate reviews for accuracy and an appropriate escalation process in cases where the GCCR has not been certified with the 60 day review timeline.

Sample Template for Department  GCCR Process

Each department may have unique requirements for setting up a compliant review and retention process for the GCCRs. The template provided suggests some best practices that departments may use when developing their own procedures. The template can be modified to reflect the specific needs of your unit. It is not expected that every department uses the template exactly as it is displayed.

Sample Template