Bankruptcy Notices

The Student Fiscal Services Office has been designated as the coordinating office for all bankruptcies for the University of Washington. Departments should send all notices, along with proof of any debt owed by the individual or entity to:

Student Fiscal Services (SFS)
Box 355870

All University of Washington departments that are named as creditors, or that may be creditors, will be notified of the filing of the bankruptcy and of their obligations under the automatic stay provisions of the Bankruptcy Code. Notification will be made by SFS.

SFS will file the necessary claim with the courts and, if legal counsel is needed, will contact the Attorney General's Office for assistance. Bankruptcies will generally be handled by SFS, except where representation by the Attorney General's Office is needed or desired, by mutual agreement.

If SFS receives final notice, it will notify all University departments which have been involved, including the Attorney General's Office if it has had any involvement in the case or provided any advice. The disposition of all bankruptcies involving current or former students will also be communicated to the Registrar.

Contact information:

Student Fiscal Services

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