Delinquent Accounts

Every time you register you acknowledge a Financial Liability Agreement informing you of the rules regarding your tuition bill and what happens to the account if it becomes delinquent. If you do not pay charges owed to the University of Washington on time, your account will become delinquent and possibly go into default.

The following may also occur:

  • Holds will be placed on your ability to register if you have past due tuition, room and board, or Financial Aid Repay (ARP) owed. You can find more information on Financial Aid Repays on the Office of Student Financial Aid's website.
  • Payment plans do not remove holds. A payment plan in good standing will prevent referral to collection agencies.
  • Additional fees may be charged to you, including collection fees based on a percentage, up to 40% of the amount owed.
  • You may lose eligibility for other student aid and assistance under other Federal Loan programs.
  • Loans may be reported to national Credit Reporting Agencies and become part of the data used to determine your credit history. 
  • The entire loan balance (interest and principle) becomes due in full.
  • You may lose the right to loan deferments and forbearances.
  • Legal action may be taken.

Remember, many loan funds are a revolving fund: your payments enable future students to participate in the same program.

Lender and Servicer Links

For Private Loans, please refer to your promissory note for lender contact information.

If you are having trouble making your scheduled loan payments , do not hesitate to ask for help. Don't wait until default occurs.

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