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Workday Launch update

Workday has launched and many processes have changed, university-wide. Like other departments, SFS is experiencing processing delays as we adapt to the new system. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your
Where to go for Help for Workday finance, procurement and supply process questions or issues:
  • Go to UW Connect Finance (UWCF), click on Knowledge Base, and on search your topic, i.e. Worktag. Review the information and job aids as you may find your answer.    
  • If you do not find your answer
    • For UW Academy - reach out to your Shared Environment or your Finance Team for assistance.
    • For UW Medicine – reach out to our manager or shared services organization.  
  • If they cannot assist, reach out to UW Connect Finance (UWCF) and go to Request Forms. You can search by Short Description or in the Search on top, use a keyword to take you to the right support ticket form.
    • Example:  Enter “Worktag” in search to access the request form for Worktag support.   

Scholarship Budgets

**To prepare for Financial Transformation, SFS cannot accept budget setup requests after 5/12/2023. Setups will resume after FT launches in July 2023.

Add New Budget Number

Set up a new 82-xxxx budget. The form must be completed and submitted to the Financial Accounting Office.

Change / Delete an Existing Budget

Change or delete an 82-xxxx budget. The form must be completed and submitted to the Financial Accounting Office.

Departmental Scholarship Authorization

Request for SDB Fund Number Setup
Awarding Students in SDB

Awarding funds to student accounts in SDB has undergone a few changes to comply with Workday's Foundational Data Model (FDM).
What's staying the same:

  • SDB still uses 6-digit “budget” numbers (now referred to as SDB Fund Numbers) to disburse funds to student  accounts or to send funds to students via check/direct deposit
  • Funds set up in SDB still utilize the same configuration criteria (disbursement type, charge categories, etc.)
  • Users will still use the same SDB screens, inputs, and processes to award and disburse aid
What’s changing:
  • SDB needs Worktag information to communicate with Workday (without this, Workday won’t record the transactions that occur in SDB)
  • SDB will rely on Driver Worktags (such as Program, Grant, or Gift Worktags) to communicate transactions to Workday
  • SDB will send transaction information to Workday and will no longer communicate with FAS/FIN/MyFD (as those programs are retired) as of 6/30/2023
Summary of Setting Up an award in SDB 
  • Users/Departments will complete the SDB Fund Number Setup Form to provide SFS with the necessary Worktag information
  • SFS will assign a 6-digit SDB Fund Number and pair it with the Driver Worktag provided by the user/department
  • Users will then use the 6-digit SDB Fund Number to post awards to student accounts (see our user guide for steps to add awards to student accounts)

When disbursement occurs, users/departments will see those transactions appear on the Driver Worktag corresponding to the 6-digit SDB Fund Number in Workday

***NOTE: You do not need to submit a new setup form if your SDB Fund Number (formerly “budget”) was set up in SDB prior to FT and was included in FDM mapping. SDB Fund Numbers that were included in mapping have already been updated in SDB to include the necessary Worktags. Please verify the Worktags are correct by looking up your SDB Fund Number on either Menu 6 screen 19, or Menu 7 screen 15.***
Departments may use certain worktags to authorize scholarships, fellowships, stipends, grants and prizes/awards to currently registered students. Depending on the terms of the worktags, these payments may be paid directly to the student, or can be applied directly to the student account to pay allowable expenses such as tuition, student insurance or related fees. These payments are authorized by the department managing the funds and are disbursed through the Student Database (SDB).
Starting July 6th,  you will be able to request funds to be setup in SDB. To prepare for this task, please note that you will need the following information when setting up a fund in SDB:

  • Driver Worktag. You will need to verify in Workday that it has the following Worktag Types:
    1. Balancing Unit
    2. Cost Center
    3. Function
    4. Fund
    5. Resource

Note: Any driver worktag missing any of fields a-e, cannot be setup in SDB and will be returned to you for further research 

  • Spend Category
    1. SC1534 – which is used for all scholarships, stipends, and other departmental aid
    2. For funds that require a different Spend Category, contact SFS to discuss
  • Company
    1. UW1861 or School of Medicine

Once we receive the request, we will process and assign it a 6-digit number that you will use to post awards to student accounts in SDB. That 6-digit fund number is only used to process awards in SDB and you will need to retain the information, as you will use it anytime you need to make an entry in SDB

Award Cancellation Request

Request cancellation of award that has been disbursed (requires SFS adjustments)

Departmental Loans

Departmental Loan Application

Authorize a student loan from a departmental loan fund. See instructions for more details.

Personal Data Sheet (PDS)

Statement of Rights & Responsibilities: Long-term loans

Statement of Rights & Responsibilities: Short-term loans

Loan Exit Counseling for Departments

Loan Exit Counseling for Departments

SDB Access

SDB Access Request Forms

SDB Fund/Driver Worktag Access

Request for SDB Fund/Driver Worktag Access

SDB Charge Codes

Request for SDB Charge Code Access

Request for New SDB Non-Tuition Charge Code

Request for Revision to SDB Non-Tuition Charge Code

Online SDB Training

Online training is available to help departments learn how to navigate the fiscal screens in the Student Data Base (SDB) system. Watch the screencast for an introduction to SDB.

Many of the forms are in PDF format and can be read with Adobe Acrobat. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, you may download and install it free of charge by clicking on the icon below. Please follow the instructions for software installation on the Adobe website.
Adobe Acrobat Site

SDB Guides

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