How To Make a Webcheck Payment

Please note Web Check payments apply immediately to the tuition account. The bank withdraw can take up to 10 business days.  

  1. GO TO TUITION CHARGE STATEMENT: After logging onto your MyUW account, you can find the "tuition charge statement" link under the "accounts" section.
  2. SELECT WEBCHECK PAYMENT: Under the tuition balance you will see a button for Web Check. Click on it.
  3. ENTER IN THE NUMBERS: Type in the payment amount, routing number and account number of your US bank (NOT YOUR CREDIT/DEBIT CARD NUMBER).  Click on the type of account (checking or savings). To find out your routing number and account number, look at the bottom of one of your checks, visit your bank or call your bank's Customer Service Department.
  4. REVIEW: Check all information entered for accuracy. Check the agreement box and then click submit.
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