Due to FERPA laws, students must authorize their parents or others in order for them to have access to student account information.  Below are the seven steps to setup student account "Information Release Authorization" for your parents or others for Student Fiscal Service and/or Office of Financial Aid.

  1. GO TO MYUW: Enter in your UW NetID and password.
  2. ACCESS THE TUITION STATEMENT: Go to the Tuition Charge Statement page. This link should be available in the "Accounts" or within your "Quick Links."
  3. LOCATE THE LINK FOR AUTHORIZATION: The link will be located in the box labeled "Information Release Authorization." Click on the authorize your parents or others link highlighted and underlined in blue.
  4. INPUT THE APPROPRIATE INFO: You will see several sections to input information. You can authorize multiple people at once or one person. Enter in their name and relationship to you.
  5. SELECT THE TYPE AND RELEASE BY: Next, click which information type (Student Fiscal Services and/or Office of Financial Aid) you want the individual to have access to. Also, if you want them to have that info released by phone and/or online.
  6. ONLINE RELEASE: If you want the parent or others to have access to your billing account info online, enter in their email address. They will be sent an email to set up their own access and a URL to login. Please note the parent/others login is different from the student login.
  7. DOUBLE CHECK AND SUBMIT: After you have checked all the information entered is correct, click the "update releases" button at the bottom of the page to complete the authorization set up.