Scholarships and Sponsors - Billing and Payment

The UW Student Fiscal Services Office (SFS) handles scholarship processing and sponsor billing for all students.

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Billing Information for all Sponsors

Before we can send an invoice, SFS needs a copy of the billing letter, payment voucher, field order or billing contract from the sponsor. This document must contain the student name, UW student number and the allowable fees.

If payments are received after the tuition due date, there may be a late fee
charge assessed on the student’s account. Any amount not paid by the
sponsor will be the student's responsibility to pay

Billing Information for Military & Government Sponsors

For Military or Government sponsored students, once we receive the Tuition Assistance form, Purchase Order or Contract, we will handle the tuition payment for the student. We will send the
sponsor an invoice after the add/drop period, which is 30 days after the quarter starts.

Billing Information for Students

After we receive your billing information, we will send a tuition invoice to your sponsor. Any amount your sponsor does not pay is your responsibility. Bring or fax the sponsor billing information to SFS as soon as it is available.

129 Schmitz Hall 
Box 355871
Seattle, WA 98195
Phone at: 206-543-4694
Fax: 206-685-2942


  • We only bill for students whose billing agreement includes the current quarter information.
  • Students sponsored by a U.S. government agency or Army, Navy or Air Force, please contact your sponsor to send the Purchasing Order, Contract, or the Tuition Assistant form to SFS.
  • For ROTC students, please contact the ROTC unit on campus for your scholarship eligibility and payment questions.
    • Army ROTC : 206-543-9010
    • Navy ROTC: 206-543-0170
    • Air Force ROTC: 206-543-2360
  • Active duty Military students, please bring your active duty ID card to the Residence office at Room 264 Schmitz Hall. We will update your student record and charge you in-state tuition instead of Non-Resident tuition.
  • Students sponsored by a 529 Plan in another state, please ask the state to send us the billing information and the payment unit price.
  • Boeing Learning Together Program- Students that participate in Boeing’s LTP will need to submit individual class vouchers online to for processing. You will need to submit a voucher for each class you are earning credit for while you are utilizing the program. Please turn in your vouchers before the tuition due date each quarter to avoid late payment fees. There are some exceptions to the charges Boeing will cover, so please be sure you are familiar with Boeing’s policies for coverage and pay any remaining charges by the tuition due date as well. Any students that are approaching their funding limit with Boeing for the year should indicate in the body of the email your remaining funding to prevent over-billing.

Payment Process For Sponsors

  • For government agencies, UW encourages you to make ACH direct deposit payments to our bank account. Please contact us at 206-543-4694 or by email at: for more information.
  • If you are paying with a government credit card, please call our office at 206-543-4694.

Payment Process For Students

  • When we receive your scholarship check, we will post the money to your tuition account.
  • If you do not see the scholarship money posted on your account, we have not received the check yet. Please contact your sponsor to ask about your payment status.
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