Glacier Tax Prep (GTP)

Glacier Tax Prep (GTP) is used by all international students to correctly file tax returns each year when they have taxable income.

  • It is a web-based system and free to use.

This system does not transmit taxes to the IRS.

  • International students must mail their tax form 1040NR or 1040NREZ and the W-2 or 1042S or 1099 form to the IRS. Details are provided at the end of the GTP session.

Two Glacier Tax Systems

Glacier Tax Compliance

Glacier Tax Compliance is used only by the UW payroll office. Students need to fill out the information when they have a job on campus. 

  • It is a secure, web-based application used by the payroll office to determine the correct taxation on wages for Foreign National employees.
  • Failure to complete Glacier Tax Compliance information and provide documents to the ISC Payroll Office may result in inaccurate tax withholdings and/or loss of tax treaty benefits.
  • You should update Glacier Tax Compliance any time vital information changes. Vital information includes your immigration status, your immigration status expiration date, renewing a tax treaty each year and updating your social security/ITIN number. A new Glacier packet needs to be sent to the ISC Payroll Office when these changes are made. You should always update Glacier Tax Compliance any time your information changes.

Glacier Tax Prep Program

Glacier Tax Prep Program is for filing your tax return to the IRS.  This program is managed by the UW ISS office.

If you work on campus, you will use this Glacier Tax Prep program to file your tax return each year.

Check the ISS webpage regarding Glacier Tax Prep information

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