Mailing of Aid Checks

The primary method to receive your financial aid, scholarships, and refunds is through direct deposit where the funds are sent directly to your savings or checking account. If you are not able to use direct deposit, a check will be mailed to your designated local address on file. 

Before requesting a check, verify on MyUW that: 

  • you have either a credit balance or undisbursed aid available 
  • your current address is on file in MyUW

Fill out the Aid Check Request Form to have your check mailed to you. The check should arrive at the address that you provide within 3-10 business days. If it does not arrive within that time, please verify the address that you provided and then contact Student Fiscal Services.

There is a $25 fee to issue a replacement check, so please make sure that all of the information that you provide on the Aid Check Request Form is accurate.

*Please note we cannot send checks out of the country. 

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