Short-Term Loans

Short-term Loans (STL) are available to registered students who are experiencing an urgent but short-term financial need. Students may apply for a short-term loan through their account on MyUW. This loan fund is administered by the Office of Student Financial AidBefore applying for a short term loan, make sure your address and direct deposit information is up to date to ensure quick receipt of your funds.  

Apply for a Short Term Loan

Spring quarter short-term loans are due by July 12, 2024. 
Short-term loans taken out in Winter quarter are due April 19, 2024. You may request one extension per loan.

Short-term Loan Repayment

Please check with the Office of Student Financial Aid (206.543.6101, to determine if other forms of aid are available before taking out a short-term loan. If you have an urgent need and are in a crisis, please visit the Emergency Aid website. There may be other options available to assist you.

Please consider carefully your ability to repay, prior to borrowing short term loan funds.  A short-term loan is intended to be paid within a short time span.  We encourage students to find a way to pay the short-term loans as soon as possible or make as many smaller payments before the due date.

Unless a one-time extension is granted, short-term loans are due in full on the fourth Friday of the following quarter. There are no deferment or forbearance options available for short-term loans.

Loans that remain unpaid after the due date are transferred from MyUW to the University’s billing servicer, ECSI, 888.549.3274.

  • A past due short-term loan is subject to late fees.
  • Payment plans can be made with ECSI. A payment plan in good standing will prevent referral to collection agencies.
  • Loans assigned to ECSI may be reported to the National Credit Reporting agencies and become part of your credit history. 
  • Collection fees based on a percentage up to 40% of the amount owed will be added to the balance if your loan is referred to a collection agency. 

Should you need an extension, please contact us in the first week of the quarter your loan is due.  There is an additional charge of $30.00 to extend the due date to the next quarter.  Only one extension is allowed per short-term loan.  

If you have questions about repayment of your short-term loan, please contact Student Fiscal Services at 206-543-4694. Advisors are available to assist you with your questions regarding your loan and other financial matters.

Short-term Loan Extension Request

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