The University of Washington Tuition Exemption Program, established under the authority of RCW 28B.15.558, enables University of Washington employees, State of Washington employees and members of the Washington National Guard who have been admitted to the University of Washington, to have tuition waived for up to six credits when enrollment is on a "space-available" basis .

The Tuition Exemption Program is available at the University of Washington Seattle, Bothell and Tacoma campuses. Each campus have their own set of tuition exemption policies. Please visit the UW Bothell or UW Tacoma registration website for more information.

Those who enroll at the UW on a "space-available" basis for more than six credits will receive the tuition waiver for the first six credits, and will pay a per credit charge for the credits taken over six. Other categories of students may also be eligible for reduced tuition and fees. The reductions are established by legislative mandate and may be revoked by the legislature at any time.

Please check the class level on the Faculty/Staff Tuition Exemption Request form when you register for a class to make sure that the class is cover by the 6 credit hours exemption limit.

In addition, the tuition exemption program does NOT cover these classes or / programs below:

  1. ENGL 100 through 105
  2. MATH 098
  3. All NCLIN-prefix courses
  4. NMETH 598, 600, 700, 800, 801
  5. NURS 499, 599
  6. All independent study, thesis, dissertation, research internships, tutorials, private lessons, or practicum courses
  7. All self-sustaining or fee-based courses
  8. UW Extension or Distance Learning courses
  9. College of Education Matriculated degree students cannot use tuition exemption; only College of Education GNMs and NMs can use the benefit for those courses.
    More information from the College of Education
  10. Evans School of Public Policy and Governance Matriculated students cannot use tuition exemption; only Evans School GNMs and NMs can use the benefit for those courses.
    More information from the Evans School.

Also, certain state funded courses or programs may be excluded from the tuition exemption program on the basis of academic or fiscal considerations.