The UW Tax Office and Accounts Payable work together to approve requests by UW users to add or subtract use tax to purchase transactions where users believe that use tax has been added (or not added) in error. This assists UW in remaining compliant with its obligation to properly accrue use tax on certain transactions under state law. 

This landing page provides access to the various entry points to the Use Tax Reversal Process:

  • Departmental Use Tax Reversal Request: this page allows UW users to request a use tax reversal
  • Use Tax Administrative Approval Page: this page shows the use tax administrator the list of reversals requiring approval
  • Use Tax Administrative Review Page: this page shows the use tax correction requests that have been previously approved or denied
  • JV Log Report: This report allows the use tax administrator to review JVs that have been created by the use tax correction application to determine if the application has properly processed a request
  • Administrative Batching Process: This allows the use tax administrator to "batch" transactions, which prepares those transactions to be transformed into a JV and processed to correct use tax on the requested transactions