Getting Started

What are the system requirements?

Safari 5

    Mobile Safari for the iPad

    Mozilla Firefox (v24 ESR)

    Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 (32-bit)

    Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 (32-bit)

    Microsoft Internet Explorer 8

    Microsoft Internet Explorer 7

    Microsoft Internet Explorer 6

    Chrome (v 27)+

What user Roles must be assigned prior to using eTravel?
There are several ROLES that must be assigned by your department prior to using eTravel.
What is ASTRA?
ASTRA is used to designate the compliance and funding approvers for specific budgets/organization codes. A watcher role may also be added to view only specific budgets/organization codes.
Who receives email notifications?
The preparer and individuals on the approval flow receive email notifications indicating the ER status unless each change their own email notification preferences.
How do I change the frequency of email notifications?
What is a Travel Profile?
Traveler information that auto-populates for future expense reports. Learn more.

Advance Funds

How do I request a Per Diem Advance?
An ER on eTravel must be completed using the per diem advance request line items. Reconciliation of a per diem advance is reconciled on an ER in eTravel. Learn more.
What is a Living Allowance?
A living allowance is an advance meal allowance issued to a foreign national based on the work location meal allowance rate and can be issued 30 days at a time.  Additional requests may be submitted on a monthly basis.  Learn more.

Expense Report

How do I claim airfare reimbursement when a personal airfare portion is included in the UW airfare expense?
Select Yes next to Personal Time Taken in the Summary screen and provide dates, times, and location of personal travel. Airfare costs for destination other than the UW business location is not reimbursable and must be deducted from the total airfare cost. Learn more about responsibilities during personal time.
How do I find the per diem rates (meals or lodging) if the location is not listed?
Click on the County Info link to identify if the city is in a high cost county for domestic locations. Learn more.  Select Other when the location is not listed for Foreign and Non-Contiguous areas. Learn more.
What type of receipts must be submitted with the ER?
Receipts in their original format for all expenses over $50 (over $75 effective August 22, 2011; start of trip must be on August 22 or after) and all receipts regardless of costs for airfare, lodging, car rental, laundry, and meals paid on the behalf for others are required.
Can I attach electronic receipts to the ER?
Yes, electronic receipts (ereceipts) in their original format may be electronically attached to the ER and not physically submitted to Travel.
What documentation must be submitted with the ER to the Travel Office?
All applicable original paper receipts with 1st page of ER summary printed in landscape format.  Learn more on What to Submit.
Why did I received a withdrawal notification from Ariba?
ERs will automatically withdraw after 30 calendar days if there are no actions taken. The ER will remain in the My Documents box indefinitely until an action is taken.


Are requisitions/purchase orders(POs), encumbrances and PR-3 (Request for Shared Purchases) required for eTravel?
No. eTravel will automatically assigned each ER an id number instead.
How do I split budgets?
Split budgets can be entered at an individual item level or as a mass edit after all items have been entered. Select Edit then Split Accounting per individual item or select Mass Edit then Split Accounting for all items.Learn more.
Can I use project cost accounting codes (PCA)?
Yes, enter these codes in the budget screen.
How are travel expenses that were charged to the CTA, Procard or other Expense Reports recorded?
CTA, Procard and Other Expense Report (ER) are Paid By options  for some travel expense items and can be selected when expenses have been charged to these accounts. These expenses will be included in total trip cost, but will be excluded from reimbursed amount. Note:  Selecting these paid by options are not required.  A comment may also be entered regarding items paid by these options.   


How do UW employees approve their Expense Report?
Signatures are no longer required for travelers on UW payroll to approve their travel reimbursement. Employees logs into etravel and their approval is authenticated with their UW NetId.
How do visitors, students, candidates for faculty/staff, and relocation travelers not on UW Payroll System approve their ER?
The ER print version can be emailed, faxed, scanned, or mailed to the traveler. The traveler must sign the ER print version ( digital signature is not acceptable), return to the department via email, fax, scan or mail.  The preparer approves the ER once the signature is received and may electronically attach the signature to the ER in eTravel.


How do I request travel reimbursement if I paid for someone else?
Select Claimant as the appropriate Paid By method for each item and enter the other travelers' names in the ER Comment section. Meals paid for others are reimbursed at actual costs as evidenced by receipts and cannot exceed the allowable meal per diem rate per person according to the location of travel.
How much time does it take to receive the travel reimbursement check?
If the ER is submitted and completely approved prior to 6:00pm, the check is issued the following day.
How do I request a wire transfer for my travel reimbursement?
Select Wire from the Check Delivery Information options. Include applicable information listed on ER print version and send to the Travel Office with applicable original paper receipts.