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Travel Services

Advances & Pre-trip Reimbursement

Per Diem Advance
Living Allowance
Prior-trip Reimbursement

Per Diem Advance

A department may issue a Per Diem Advance to defray costs a UW employee traveler may incur while traveling on official UW business. 

Do not issue an advance to reimburse expenses paid in advance of a trip, they should be reimbursed as a normal expense report. 


  • Must be a UW employee, and employed through the travel end date
  • Advance is issued at the allowable per diem rate (not to exceed) for the dates of business travel
  • No outstanding advances 
  • Employees paid as a student, stipend, hourly, or a temporary appointment will require a 64 discretionary budget for lodging per diem advance
  • Must be a minimum of $300.00

Time Limitations

  • Advance is not to exceed 90 days
  • Advance is not to be issued more than 30 days prior to travel start date


  • For use of privately owned vehicles
  • For the purchase of commercial airfare
  • For expenses for others 


  • Must be reconciled within 60 days from the travel end date
  • Reconciliation procedure - PDF

Default on Repayment

Living Allowance

A department may issue a Living Allowance to defray costs that a non-UW Foreign National may incur while in Seattle for UW Business.


Time Limitations

  • Allowance may not exceed 30 days at a time
  • WT/B2 visa types limited to 9 days reimbursement every 6 months


  • Limited to the meal per diem rate for actual dates of stay in Seattle
  • Payment will not be released until all required foreign national documentation is attached to the expense report
  • Can not be used to defray expenses for others

Prior-trip Reimbursement

It is allowable to reimburse travel expenses prior to the trip as long as it meets all other travel compliance requirements (keeping in mind our receipt policy). Reimbursement is processed the same as after the trip. The most common expenses include airfare, registration, and lodging. When reimbursing lodging prior, Ariba eTravel (ER) allows you to select future dates. 


The following expenses are not eligible for prior-trip reimbursement: 

  • Meal per diem allowance (see per diem advance above for advancing per diem) 
  • Mileage 
  • Meals paid for others 
  • Car Rental (final rental agreement required per receipt policy)
  • Gas 
  • Laundry 
  • Tolls