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Travel Services

Policy Index

Advances & Pre-trip Reimbursement

Living Allowance
Per Diem Advance
Prior-trip Reimbursement

ASTRA (system roles/approvals)

eTravel (ER) Roles & How to Authorize
Expense Report Reconciliation
How to Assign Approvers in eTravel (ER)


Airfare Upgrades & Approval
Book & Pay | Rewards Programs | Package Deals
Companion Fare
Fly America Act
Itinerary & Receipt Requirements
State Contract Fares
Travel Time in Excess of 14 Hours


Airfare Upgrades
Authorized Person' Defined
Pre-trip approval

Book & Pay for Travel

How to Book
How to Pay for Travel
Package Deal
Rewards Programs
UW Travel Agencies
UW Travel Discounts

Change/Cancellation of Travel Plans

Conference Expenses

COVID Reimbursement Guidance

Foreign Travel

Foreign Transaction/Exchange/Currency Fees
Immunizations/Medical Expenses
International Travel Safety - UW Office of Global Affairs
Traveling with Supplies/Equipment
Visa/Passport Fees
Translator Fees

Ground Transportation

Additional Ground Transportation
Alternatives to Flying
Auto Insurance
Business Class Non-Air Common Carrier (Rail)
Car Rental
Commute/Allowable Ground Routes
Enterprise Contract
Official Duty Station
Official Residence
Temporary Duty Station
UW Fleet Services


AirBnB for Work
Additional Lodging Guidance
Additional Lodging Topics
Ariba eTravel - Lodging Per Diem Crossover Procedure
Contracted Hotels
Guidance for Additional Nights of Lodging

Miscellaneous Expenses

Baggage Fees
Laundry/Dry Cleaning
Non-incidental Supplies
Personal Attendant Fees


Banquet Meals
Meals Based on Start/End Travel Status
Meals Paid for Others
Provided Meals

Non-Reimbursable Examples

Per Diem

Determining Per Diem Rate
Exceptions to Per Diem
Exceptions to Travel Status (Lodging or Meals within 50 Miles)
Incidental Expenses
What is Per Diem

Personal Time

Comparison - after trip
Comparison - before trip

Policy Accountability

ADA Compliance (Travel Medical Accommodations)
Department Responsibility
Policy Background
Traveler Responsibility

Receipts & Record Retention

Foreign Currency Conversion
Records Retention

Reimbursement from a Non-University Source (Travel Award)

General Policies
Methods of Payment

Travel Information Meetings

Travel on Federal Funds

Types of Travelers

Foreign National
Prospective Employees
Who must comply?