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AirBnB for Work

The University of Washington has a custom portal for booking AirBnb to help you meet your business needs! 

Using the AirBnb for Work portal has many advantages such as: 

  • Custom filters to align with business travel
  • Trip planner capabilities
  • Risk mitigation
  • Reporting

How to use?

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Additional guidance: 

AirBnb is considered commercial lodging facility. Include all fees in the daily rate (cleaning fee, service fee). 

Workday Guidance for Lodging

Guidance for Additional Nights of Lodging: 

  • Additional time at business location is required due to extension of UW business, see change/cancellation of travel plans policy
  • If lodging is reasonable the night before business - this is to be assessed and determined by department (i.e. out of state business starting at 8 AM)
  • If traveler is not able to return home at reasonable time due to work schedule – this to be assessed and determined by department (i.e. traveler won't return home until 10 PM) 
    • Note: employee must return the following day as soon as they reasonably can
  • Health or Safety reasons - attach administrator approval with circumstances

Additional Lodging Guidance: 

  • Lodging is eligible for reimbursement prior to the trip. See advances & pre-trip reimbursement page
  • All fees are to be included into the daily rate when itemizing lodging reimbursement. 
  • Trailer/Camper -- cost of the space rental is reimbursable up to the maximum allowable per diem. Traveler is responsible for lease.
  • Leasing residential space -- cost of lease is subject to the maximum allowable per diem. If department signs the lease, they are responsible. To put responsibility on UW, lease has to go through UW Real Estate Office. For more information: https://facilities.uw.edu/unit/real-estate
  • AirBnB/VRBO -- these are considered commercial lodging facilities. Include all fees in the daily rate (cleaning fee, service fee)
  • Early Check-In/Late Check-Out - reimbursable if mandatory for UW Business, please add a business justification into the memo field and/or comment
  • Taxes on per diem overage with no exception -- lodging taxes for room rates are only eligible for reimbursement when the room rate is at/below per diem or meets one of our lodging per diem exceptions. See per diem page.
  • Resort Fees -- also known as Amenity Fees, are to be included in the lodging room rate. 

Discounted Hotels 

For more information on discounted hotels, please visit UW Lodging Discounts.  

Discounts can be utilized by using a contracted UW contracted travel agency. See Book & Pay for more information. 

Visit the following page for additional topics related to lodging: 

Per Diem

  • What is Per Diem
  • Eligibility
  • Determining Per Diem Rate
  • Exceptions to Per Diem