• Receipts are required for all individual expenses over $75.00.
    • The $75.00 is a waiver approved by The WA State Office of Financial Management - source document
    • Waiver is issued on a biennium basis 
    • Utilizing the waiver requires departments to incorporate it into their internal policies
      • Check with your department to assure they have accepted this waiver
    • An itemized list of what was purchased, pricing information and business purpose must still be kept on file as supporting documentation
  • Receipts must be itemized to clearly show all pertinent information and proof of payment
  • The following expenses require receipt regardless of cost:
    • airfare (itemized itinerary with proof of payment)
    • lodging (itemized if not prepaid) 
    • any fees related to change/cancellation of travel plans
    • car rental (final rental agreement)
    • rail/train (itemized itinerary with proof of payment)
    • laundry
    • immunization (itemized receipt & administrator/CDC approval)
  • For Post Award Fiscal Compliance, see Purchasing Documentation Guidelines for additional receipt information


  • Be sure to clearly label and identify all attachments.
  • Avoid special characters when naming attachments. Ariba prevents the ability to download attachments with special characters, such as the + sign.
  • Departments have the authority to implement a stricter receipt policy. Be sure to check with your department regarding internal policies.
  • If check is proof of payment, provide copy of front and back showing cancellation by the bank

Foreign Currency Conversion

Expenses in a foreign currency must be converted and entered in eTravel as U.S. dollars.

Allowable Documentation:

Records Retention

  • Review ARIBA Scanning Policy from UW Records Management Services for guidance regarding the use of ARIBA as the system of record.
    • Scanners must be set at a minimum of 300 dpi.
    • Scanned records must be saved as PDF files.
    • JPEG is not an acceptable alternative to saving documents as PDF files.
  • To get started on a scanning policy, a consultation is recommended by emailing UW Records Management at
  • Documentation must be kept on file if department has not designated ARIBA as the system of record.
  • Department is responsible for retention of course catalog/conference brochures. It is not required to be attached to the expense report, but recommended.