• Receipts are required for all individual expenses over $75.00.
    • The $75.00 is a waiver approved by The WA State Office of Financial Management - source document
    • Waiver is issued on a biennium basis 
    • Utilizing the waiver requires departments to incorporate it into their internal policies
      • Check with your department to assure they have accepted this waiver
    • An itemized list of what was purchased, pricing information and business purpose must still be kept on file as supporting documentation
  • Receipts must be itemized to clearly show all pertinent information and proof of payment
  • The following expenses require receipt regardless of cost:
    • airfare (itemized itinerary with proof of payment)
    • lodging (itemized if not prepaid) 
    • any fees related to change/cancellation of travel plans
    • car rental (final rental agreement)
    • rail/train (itemized itinerary with proof of payment)
    • laundry
    • immunization (itemized receipt & administrator/CDC approval)
  • When a traveler is claiming their own meal per diem, receipts are not required as it is treated as an allowance. Meals provided must be zeroed out. See provided meals for more information. 
  • For Post Award Fiscal Compliance, see Purchasing Documentation Guidelines for additional receipt information


  • Be sure to clearly label and identify all attachments.
  • Avoid special characters when naming attachments. Ariba prevents the ability to download attachments with special characters, such as the + sign.
  • Departments have the authority to implement a stricter receipt policy. Be sure to check with your department regarding internal policies.
  • If check is proof of payment, provide copy of front and back showing cancellation by the bank

Foreign Currency Conversion

Expenses in a foreign currency must be converted and entered in eTravel as U.S. dollars.

Allowable Documentation:

Records Retention

  • Review ARIBA Scanning Policy from UW Records Management Services for guidance regarding the use of ARIBA as the system of record.
    • Scanners must be set at a minimum of 300 dpi.
    • Scanned records must be saved as PDF files.
    • JPEG is not an acceptable alternative to saving documents as PDF files.
  • To get started on a scanning policy, a consultation is recommended by emailing UW Records Management at
  • Documentation must be kept on file if department has not designated ARIBA as the system of record.
  • Department is responsible for retention of course catalog/conference brochures. It is not required to be attached to the expense report, but recommended.