Prior to the Trip

  • all out-of-state travel (defined as outside of Washington, Oregon, or Idaho) requires written approval from an authorized person(s)
    • written approval may include email
  • business class air travel in excess of 14 hours
  • specific trips that have been included in funded proposal for sponsored research do not require prior approval 
  • visitor's letter of invitation may serve as prior approval


Travelers cannot provide their own prior trip approval. 

Approval may be for:

  • specific individual on a trip by trip basis (sample)
  • blanket approvals must be renewed annually and must include (sample)
    • type of individuals (faculty/administrator, etc.) specific names are not required
    • statement that travel is consistent with requirements of job responsibilities
    • statement that appropriateness of reimbursable charges will be determined by an authorized person 
    • must be either attached to the expense report or kept on file within the department

Required Additional Approvals

  • first/business class airfare/rail requires approval from a Vice President, Vice Provost, or Dean; Director or Chancellor for Bothell and Tacoma campus; authority cannot be delegated
    • a single annual approval updated yearly is acceptable for frequent travel
    • email is acceptable for one time approval
  • lodging expense over the allowable lodging per diem rate
  • lodging within 50 miles of official duty station/official residence. Attach letter of approval to ER in eTravel.
  • if traveler is in higher role than person/s on approval flow must add addition adhoc approver. 
  • travel reimbursement during a sabbatical requires written approval from Chair/Director or Dean/Chancellor.  Attach letter of approval to ER in eTravel. See travel expenses while on leave:  Academic HR
  • Qualified Prospective Employees
    • prospective employees are limited to applicants being considered for academic positions above the rank of instructor, or professional, or administrative employees in supervisory positions.
    • with prior written approval from an authorized person. Prospective employee travel expenses for a classified position may be reimbursed when the classified position is essential to carrying out the critical work of a department. 


These additional prior approval(s) must be included with the reimbursement.

After the Trip

All reimbursements must be approved by travelers and authorized persons.


All approvals are retained by departments. Attach sabbatical and  < 50 miles to Expense Report in eTravel.