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Travel Services

Reimbursement from a Non-University Source (Travel Award)

General Policies
Methods of Payment

A non-University source may be reimbursed for  travel related expenses incurred in connection with a speech, conference, presentation, appearance,  trade mission or committee meetings that the UW employee/traveler has been authorized to attend in an official capacity on behalf of the University of Washington.

General Policies

  • If the non-University source is providing full assistance, the UW may accept on behalf of its employees, or the traveler may be reimbursed directly for actual expenses of travel as support by receipts except for meals which can be reimbursed based on University per diem or by the per diem rates of the non-University source in accordance with their policy.
  • Accommodation or other benefits furnished must be comparable in value to that offered to, or purchased by, other similarly situated individuals attending the same meeting or similar function. 
  • When an employee is assigned to participate as a speaker or panel participant on behalf of the UW at a conference or other event, acceptance of an offer of free attendance at the event on the day of the presentation is permissible when provided by the sponsor of the event.  The employee's participation in the event is considered as a customary and necessary part of their performance and does not involve a gift to the employee of the UW.
  • When there is a determination that an employee's attendance is in the interest of the UW because it will further UW programs and operations, an employee may accept an unsolicited gift of free attendance at all or appropriate parts of a widely attended gathering of mutual interest.

Methods of Payment

Methods of payments will be dictated by the non-University source, consistent with their policies.  If the entity does not have established travel policies, UW policies are to be used.


Direct payment (in-kind) should be paid to the travel merchant (e.g. airline or hotel) by the non-University source.  If direct payment is not possible, see options.


Payment to the traveler/employee:

Travel may be reimbursed directly by the non-University source. Reimbursement policies, including applicable per diem rates of the non-University source will determine the level of reimbursement.

Travelers may not receive and keep payments from both the UW and a non-University source for the same travel expenses.

Payment to the University of Washington:

Payment may be payable to the UW, provided an agreement for reimbursement has been arranged prior to the travel expenses being incurred. The department must maintain records for reimbursement and invoice the non-University source.

Departments may then reimburse the traveler/employee by creating an expense report, following UW policy, and using a budget that will be reimbursed once the payment is received from the non-University source. Deposit the non-University payment using the reverse expenditure process.  Expenditures must not be charged to a grant or contract; federal regulations prohibit temporary use of these funds.

Note: Reimbursement to the traveler/employee before receiving payment from the non-University source will be at the discretion of the department and the traveler is required to follow prior approval requirements.


Overpayment should be deposited into the original supporting budget as a reverse expenditure or return the overpayment to the non-University source.