• brief telephone calls to family for notification of arrival/departure
  • internet
  • cell phone/skype usage (must provide statement listing cost for UW business)
  • pre-pay cell phones and phone cards for foreign locations only


Personal Attendant Fees

  • for disability accommodations 



Or dry cleaning expenses is authorized for five or more days continuous travel in the continental USA. Allowance is already included in the meals and incidental per diem rates for travel outside the continental USA and cannot be claimed as a separate travel expense. 


Foreign Travel

  • there are no University restrictions on travel for faculty, staff, or graduate students to any country.
  • passport and/or visa fees are reimbursable if related to UW Business
  • foreign currency exchange/conversion/transaction, and or ATM fees are considered incidental expenses which are included in the daily meal per diem allowance; these fees cannot be claimed as a separate travel expense
  • foreign receipts must be labeled
  • undergraduate students must submit travel plans to the UW Office of Global Affairs. More information
  • When University faculty, students, or staff are traveling out of the country with owned and/or personal equipment (as carry-on or checked baggage), it is important to be prepared to document the original purchase upon returning to the U.S. to avoid having to pay duty tax.  If the traveler chooses not to bring documentation, the UW will not reimburse them if they are charged duty tax. For more information, see the Equipment Inventory Office.

  • UW faculty, staff and qualified student employees are covered by university emergency travel assistance while traveling abroad on university business. "Abroad" is defined as any location outside the U.S., its territories or possessions, or Puerto Rico. The emergency travel assistance plan does not provide health insurance abroad and acts as a supplement to your personal health insurance coverage. The plan provides assistance for medical, security, personal, travel and legal emergencies and is administered by CISI. See the chart, UW Insurance While Traveling Abroad, for more information or click here.
  • See the site, International Emergency Assistance, for help managing an international emergency for UW faculty, staff or students who are traveling abroad on university-related business.
  • Have you registered with UW Global Emergency in case of an emergency ( hyper link to
  • Is your destination under a U.S. State Department travel warning or under restricted travel by the UW International Risk, Assessment and Safety Committee?
  • Required/recommended vaccinations/immunizations/medical expenses

    • Administrator approval required
      • Approval must be attached to the expense report
    • Administrator approval attests that the expense is required for UW business and is recommended by either a doctor, funding sponsor, program, or public health institute (CDC) Center for Disease Control and Prevention, sample form [pending]
    • Receipt required for individual expenses over $75.00
  • any items purchased with foreign funds require currency conversion regardless of amount. 



  • required fees for checked baggage limited to the first two bags; fees for additional baggage requires justification
  • misc supplies; reimbursable only if related to travel, however if supplies are for departmental sponsored event reimbursment goes through Purchasing.
  • required fees charged by hotels (i.e. room safes, valet parking , etc.)
  • parking (not at duty station)
    • Discounted rates available at Wally Park and Masterpark.Travelers should show Husky Card after identifying themselves as UW travelers. 
  • costs for fees/deposit resulting in change/cancellation of travel plans. must show change made.
  • shipping of goods during travel status
  • membership is only reimbursable if related to attending conference
  • purchasing small items such as books, adapters, ect.. reimbursable if remains with department. Be sure to add comment on ER.
  • purchasing GPS device is reimbursable if remains with department. Be sure to add comment on ER. 





  • tips for transportation, such as taxies and shuttles are ok to reimburse, any other tips are considered an incidental expense which is included in the amount of meal per diem that you get reimbursed.