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Itinerary & Receipt Requirements
Airfare Upgrades & Approval
Companion Fare
State Contract Fares
Travel Time in Excess of 14 Hours
Fly America Act

Book & Pay | Rewards Programs | Package Deals

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Itinerary & Receipt Requirements

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Airfare Upgrades & Approval

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Companion Airfare

Amount(s) itemized to the UW business traveler(s) is what is eliglble for reimbursement: 

Example 1 Example 2
UW business traveler $400 (regular fare) UW business traveler $99 (companion fare)
Personal traveler $99 (companion fare) Personal traveler $400 (regular fare)
Reimbursable: $400 Reimbursable: $99


See RCW 42.52.160

State Contract Fares

It is not mandated that state contract fares be utilized, they are available as a resource if travelers wish to utilize them. 

Airline Tickets: These fares are fully refundable without penalties or restrictions for use by authorized government/state travel. These fares are typically more expensive due to the fare flexibility, but may be more advantageous due to business needs. 

Form of Payment: May only be purchased with Central Travel Account (CTA) or UW Individual Travel cards 

Booking: Tickets can be booked through contracted Travel Agency or Alaska Airline's EasyBiz program (how to get started)

  • List of Alaska contract airfares (effective July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2025)
  • Provide "YCAWA" as fare basis code during purchase
  • Domestic fares includes all applicable federal, state and local taxes; does not include passenger facility charges, segment fees and September 11th security fee

Travel Time in Excess of 14 Hours

Travel time is calculated as the one-way from origin (airport) to destination (airport) including flight time and layovers. Documentation must include an itinerary with documented flight time. Do not include travel time to the airport or home from the airport. 

Business class fare OR a foreign layover directly en route or at the final destination for brief rest period (not to exceed 24 hours) may be authorized, provided ALL the following conditions have been met: 

  • Business class upgrade is NOT ALLOWED ON FEDERALLY SPONSORED AWARDS. The layover option (brief rest period) may be taken on a federally sponsored award. See the PAFC webpage for more information.
  • Have prior travel approval from an authorized person, can be on the out-of-state travel approval
  • Origin or destination is outside the continental United States

Fly America Act

The Fly America Act is federal General Services Administration (GSA) policy that mandates the use of U.S. certificated air carriers for federally funded international travel. It is recommended to work with a UW contracted travel agency, as travel agents are experts in assuring Fly America compliance at the time of booking. 

There are exceptions to using a US carrier, such as the when a US carrier is not available & the Open Skies Agreement that can potentially be met. See GSA Fly America Act for more information. For any questions regarding exceptions, contact GSA - 

Open Skies 'Cheat Sheet' from GSA's website: