Change/Cancellation of Travel Plans

Contact vendors to make changes/cancellations and request refunds when applicable.


Allowable if change/cancellation was due to:

  • UW business
  • Cancelled conference/meeting
  • Airline cancelled flight (replacement fare must be used for future UW business trip or surrendered to the department) 
  • Unexpected death of a family member
  • Traveler's own unexpected illness which kept them from taking the business trip or continuing the trip as planned and is not due to the traveler's own misconduct/negligence. 
  • The department has made the determination that if the travel were to take place, the health and safety of the traveler would be at risk (refer to department section in policy accountability). In Workday, write "traveler safety" in the memo field and add context in a comment.

Note:  federal awards restrict airfare purchases to refundable tickets and thus, unused non-refundable airfare may not be charged to a federal award in any circumstances.  See the PAFC webpage for more information.

Traveler sample notice regarding refunds/credits/vouchers. 

*Enter change/cancellation fee related to airfare using the "airfare change/cancellation fee" expense item in Workday or you may add it as an itemization within an existing airfare expense item.

*Enter cancellation fee (or not recoverable) amount for lodging in the lodging change/cancellation fee expense item or as an itemization within a lodging per diem expense item.