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Travel Services

COVID Reimbursement Guidance

    Reimbursement Guidance for COVID Related Travel

    Prior Trip, After Trip:

    • As a general practice, UW is not paying/reimbursing staff to self-isolate in hotels prior and/or after the travel has taken place. 
    • Self-isolation would be up to the employee unless it is a requirement of the trip COVID Quarantine.

    During Trip:

    • If a traveler becomes COVID positive during their travel, all meals and lodging are reimbursable depending on CDC, Airline guidelines and Country of destination guidelines.
    • No added expenses due COVID precautions that lead to personal preferences are not reimbursable. If it is a medical reason, please see ADA for more information

    COVID Testing:

    • Must be required by UW Business in order to receive reimbursement
    • All COVID tests will be reimbursed through the “Covid Test” expense item on Workday NOT “Immunizations”
    • Receipt documentation is required