*Attached receipts are required (except for your own meals based on per diem) for any expenses over $75.

Receipts are required for the following expenses regardless of costs

  • airfare itinerary; change fee
  • lodging (from a commercial lodging facility; hotel folio is required if hotel not prepaid)
  • car rental (final rental agreement)
  • train/rail itinerary
  • laundry
  • banquet dinners
  • meal reimbursement on behalf of others; review instructions
  • immunizations (itemized with CDC recommendation)

* Regardless of cost items purchased with foreign funds require currency conversion (Jan 2015).

*Please label/identify all attachments.

  • Receipts must validate the expense was paid
    • If using a copy of a check, must provide a copy of the front and back of the cancelled check from the bank

 * Department is responsible for retention of course catalogue/conference brochure. Please only attach pertinent info to ER in Ariba ( provided meals/dates).

*Ensure you check with your department/medical center administrators on which receipts they require.

Review What to Attach.

* Do not send hard copy of Expense Report (ER) to the Travel Office. This is true for both UW and Non-UW travelers.

For scanning purposes, all receipts must measure 8.5" x 11" letter size paper at a minimum of 300 dpi (dots per inch). Save all documents as a PDF or TIFF file. Do not include a "+" in the name of file.

Okay to destroy originals if a scanning policy for your department is created and on file with records management. Policy must inlcude:

Instructions for the use of scanning hardware, including scanning setting:

  • Set your scanners to a minimum of 300 dpi
  • Save documents as a PDF or TIFF file

Instructions for Quality Control inspection of scanned documents:

  • Ensure that the documents are inspected visually to ensure they are complete, clear, and easily read.
  • Compare the number of original paper documents to the number of scanned records to ensure that every document was scanned.

How your scanned records are enhanced or manipulated to create a more readable image:

  • Include in detail the steps that will be taken to correct a scanned record that is not clear and difficult to read ( not complete , blurry, or otherwise illegible).

When a department copy of the scanned documents will be retained:

  • When it is not possible to produce a complete, clear, or easily read scanned image ( the hard copy must be retained).
  • When documents are created under SNAP grant budgets include:

                  Instructions for naming and filing scanned documents

                  The process used to back-up and identify documents that have past their retention period.

Some departments may already have internal imaging systems in place to store document, this policy is in addition to and does not replace. 

A copy of written documentation must be filled with UW Records Management Services. For further instruction contact Barbara Benson at bbenson@uw.edu .

See example

*receipts must be kept on file in the department for record retention if they don’t have a scanning policy on file with Record’s management.