Do I need to fly on a U.S. carrier for foreign travel?
It depends.  The Fly America Act mandates the use of U.S. certificated air carriers for federally funded international travel.  Learn more.
How do I request reimbursement for an airfare/hotel package deal?
To ensure travel expenses are reimbursed against appropriate obj codes, each type of expense must be accounted for.
  • determine lodging per diem allowance for location
  • multiply number of actual travel days with daily lodging per diem allowance
  • deduct amount from package total and claim amount as lodging expense
  • apply rest of total to airfare expense
How do I request a reissue for lost/stolen travel reimbursement paper check?
Contact  Wait at least 2 weeks after check has been issued before requesting a reissue. Once checks office confirms canellation of check please create a new ER  ( go to old ER click copy and add a comment : Original recipets with old ER # and check # canceled).