What is MPS (Managed Print Services)?

MPS is the consolidation and management of an organization’s copier and printer needs under a unified program, with equipment and service provided by an outside supplier, in our case, Ricoh.  Ricoh owns and manages the equipment and provides the supplies, eliminating the need for the University to purchase or lease printers and copiers.  Ricoh meets with each department to conduct an assessment to best determine the department needs.

Managed Print Services is recognized as a best business practice. Ricoh was selected through a competitive bid process involving users from across campus.  Ricoh is the University’s preferred supplier, providing excellent pricing and service. UW has entered into a four-year contract with Ricoh to provide managed print services, with three additional, two-year contract renewals available.

Departments requiring a "higher touch" program which includes paper and billing to multiple budgets can opt for MPS Plus. This option replaced the former Departmental Copier Program (DCP). For more information, please contact uwmps@uw.edu.

Benefits to Faculty & Staff

  • Competitive pricing: 20-25% savings over current lease costs

  • Supports UW’s sustainability goals: reducing paper, toner, and energy usage

  • State of the art equipment meets all standard business needs (copy, staple, fax, print, scan)

  • Supplier provides all supplies except paper

  • Toner monitoring with automated replenishment

  • Automated meter collection

  • Streamlined order process - no purchase order required

  • Budget charged monthly in form of Internal Sales Document (ISD). No invoices to process!  See Billing Page for more information.

  • Guaranteed up time and response time

  • Supplier performance monitored and measured

  • Flexibility to change equipment if departmental requirements change

This is what MPS can do for you