Security – MPS Reduces Risks to the University

How does MPS address your security and compliance requirements?

  • The MPS contract with Ricoh is the first UW copier/multifunctional device (MFD) contract which contains specific security protections.
  • Individual department security and compliance requirements are considered and factored into the recommendations to each department.
  • Campus departments may have differing security requirements. Ricoh works closely with each department to understand their specific requirements for equipment and document security.
  •  The MPS team has worked closely with UW IT to develop standard protocols for device set-up to maximize security that are now standard on each installation.
  • All devices are installed with DOSS (Data Overwrite Security Software) which erases every image immediately after it is produced, and overwrites the hard drive throughout the day.
  • Images are not stored on Ricoh machines once the scanning, faxing, printing or copying process is completed. The latent images produced are converted from the application format to a proprietary format that is erased and overwritten through the DOSS process. So even print sent to the hold queues would not be searchable if an unauthorized source was able to penetrate the UW network.
  • Hard drives do not need to be destroyed at the end of contract, as no data is stored on them. The DOSS installed software allows for complete overwrite of any latent images. (However, hard drives can be removed and destroyed if customer desires, for an additional fee.)
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