Ricoh will monitor supply levels through intelligent device monitoring software that will report all critical supplies to the fleet manager for inventory purposes. Many service needs will also be monitored through this software. Additionally, there will be a sticker on your device that will explain how to place service and supply calls if needed. A link to Ricoh's online service/supply location is:

To place a service or supply order by phone please call Ricoh's toll free number (888) 456-6457.  You will be prompted for the ID number of your machine (located on the silver sticker attached to your machine).  The recording may say charges apply to phone orders but please disregard.  There is no cost to order toner or staples as they are included in the University's contract (with the exception of overnight delivery requests).  If the event you are completely out of toner please email to see if there is a spare supply nearby to borrow.