Service Level Agreement

The purpose of this Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) is to formalize an arrangement between the University of Washington (the “University” or the “UW”) and Ricoh USA, Inc. (“Ricoh”) to deliver equipment, supplies and support services, at specific levels of support.

Services Covered Under This SLA:

The following services are provided by Ricoh to the UW:

  1. Deployment:

    Deployment of equipment and supplies, and maintenance of said equipment and supplies. This is all-inclusive of equipment, maintenance, parts, travel, toner, and all consumable supplies except paper and staples.

    Delivery of new equipment placements shall be accomplished within 30 days after assessment completion and customer authorization has been received with an agreed to Statement of Work(See Item 16. Form of Statement of Work – Sample).

    Note: UW-owned equipment for which Ricoh is providing services and supplies under the “Services & Supplies” model does not include Ricoh’s provision of equipment, as the UW already owns the equipment.

  2. Service Request:

    Ricoh Customer Call Centers are staffed to respond to live customer service inquiries 24 hours per day, seven days per week, including holidays. Service and Supply placement orders will be conducted between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding recognized holidays. Calls received after hours will be for the purposes of the customer placing service and or supplies request only. Technical telephone support is only available between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.In addition, customers have the ability to place service calls electronically via the Web, facsimile and telephone voice mail 24x7.

  3. Service Response Time:

    Ricoh service technicians will meet a quarterly average response time of four (4) hours for all Customer service calls located within thirty (30) miles of a Ricoh service center and eight (8) hours for all Customer service calls located thirty one (31) miles or greater from a Ricoh service center. Service will be conducted between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday not including recognized holidays.

  4. Equipment Repair and Maintenance Services:

    Equipment Repair and Maintenance Services will be provided in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications. The Services provided by Ricoh under this SLA will not include the following:

    (i) repairs resulting from misuse (including without limitation improper voltage or the use of supplies that do not conform to the manufacturer’s specifications) or the failure to provide, or the failure of, adequate electrical power, air conditioning or humidity control; (ii) repairs made necessary by service performed by persons other than Ricoh representatives; (iii) service calls or work which UW requests to be performed outside of Normal Business Hours (defined below) (unless covered under an extended hour service contract) and Service calls or work which UW requests to be performed on Ricoh Holidays (defined below); (iv) removable cassette, copy cabinet, exit trays, or any item not related to the mechanical or electrical operation of the Serviced Products; (v) consumable supplies such as paper or staples, unless expressly provided for in this Order; (vi) repairs and/or service calls resulting from attachments not purchased from Ricoh; (vii) any software, system support or related connectivity unless specified in writing by Ricoh; (viii) parts no longer available from the applicable manufacturer; (ix) electrical work external to the Serviced Products, including problems resulting from overloaded or improper circuits; (x) installation or de-installation and/or movement of the Serviced Products from one location to another unless specified in writing by Ricoh; and (xi) repairs of damage or increase in service time caused by force majeure events. Damage to Serviced Products or parts arising from causes beyond the control of Ricoh are not covered by this Agreement. Ricoh may terminate its Service obligations under any Order for Serviced Products that have been modified, damaged, altered or serviced by personnel other than those employed by Ricoh.

  5. Preventative Maintenance:

    Preventative Maintenance shall be performed as per the frequency prescribed by the manufacturer per copying/printing volumes or greater frequency as needed.

  6. Parts and Supplies:

    Ricoh will provide certain supplies in connection with its Equipment Repair and Maintenance Services, in accordance with Service Coverage plans.

  7. Uptime:

    Ricoh Provided Equipment will operate in accordance with the applicable manufacturer’s specifications and will be serviced in a manner designed to meet a minimum quarterly uptime average of ninety‐ six percent (96%), which shall be calculated based upon an eight‐ hour day and exclude normal preventive maintenance time and downtime attributable to Customer’s negligence. In the case of an element of the Service Levels not being achieved a resolution or remedy process is to be engaged. A resolution or remedy will be documented by a corrective action plan tied to an agreed upon timeline to bring the Services within targeted standards within thirty (30) day timeframe. The remedy may require service delivery correction actions, the addition of incremental capacity, modification to service process due to changes in facilities logistics and environment.

  8. Equipment Moves/Relocations:

    All equipment moves/relocations shall be at no charge. This includes removal, re-install, testing, and training.

  9. Equipment Delivery:

    Equipment shall be delivered within 30 days or less, from the time an order is placed with Ricoh.

  10. Device Management:

    Ricoh will utilize TRAC to manage the par levels of each device and automate the process of service and supply requests for each networked MFP or printer contracted with the University. For locations in which Ricoh is providing third‐party Device Management, consumables requests will be handled in accordance with the process negotiated in the due diligence phase of the specific project.

  11. Service Call Log and Service History:

    Ricoh’s technical support calls will be tracked by machine ID number and logged into Ricoh’s Oracle platform. Ricoh will provide accurate up to date reports to the University on an agreed upon cadence with information as it relates to the following:

    • Machine profile
    • Service history
    • Response time
    • Problem addressed
    • Date of call
    • Copies between service calls
    • Days between service calls
    • Parts used
    • Service performed under current meter reading(s).


  12. Equipment Performance Guarantee:

    Ricoh will replace hardware that fails to consistently achieve the manufacturer’s performance expectations. This performance guarantee depends on the hardware being used within the manufacturer’s monthly volume specifications, the provision of a trained customer key operator and the use of approved manufacturer specified input materials. If a black‐ and‐ white copier fails to meet 96% uptime as measured quarterly, Ricoh will implement a performance improvement plan. If after a thirty 30 day period of time, this plan fails to raise the performance to the previously stated uptime targets, this equipment will be replaced with equal to or greater than capabilities. Ricoh will manage all aspects of parts, including installation so users aren’t required to spend valuable time replacing components.

  13. Equipment End User Training:

    As equipment requirements and installation locations are identified, Ricoh will contact each key operator and offer the following options: Pre-installation training in a classroom environment at the University location(s), if possible post installation training at University locations on the day of delivery or at a time designated by the key Operator. Post installation follow up training at University locations approximately one week after delivery or at a time designated by the key operator.

    The equipment training program includes:

    Specific topics typically covered during basic training sessions (depending on the functionality of the equipment) follow:

    • User needs analysis
    • Equipment overview/equipment demo
    • Operator panel usage
    • User creation
    • Error code identification
    • Hands‐on operating experience
    • Supply/toner replenishing instructions and jam removal
    • Administrative issues (e.g., placing a service call, escalation list, toner ordering)
    • Questions and answers
    • Certification
    • Equipment Maintenance and Care
    • Power sources
    • Paper sources
    • Confirmation of drawer setup
    • Misfeed removal and tips
    • Directions for changing toner and staples
    • Copier Functions
    • Basic panel functions (e.g., start/stop, clear vs. reset, interrupt, energy save, ID)
    • Touch panel functions (e.g., automatic paper selection, R/E—multiple ways of accomplishing a task, exposure—including photo mode, duplex, sorting/stapling/three‐hole punching/grouping)
    • Additional functions/special features
    • Fax Functions
    • Proper document placement discussion
    • Use of fax memory (e.g., fax panel, resolution, exposure, text vs. photo, manual transmission, direct transmission, stamping)
    • Broadcasting
    • Programming one‐touch and group dials
    • Reports
    • Fax defaults
    • User Desktop Printing Functions
    • File/print/fax (when applicable)
    • Choose printer if not set as default (system configuration)
    • Properties
    • Discussion regarding selections to be made from desktop
  14. Ricoh General Roles and Responsibilities:

    Ricoh has the following general responsibilities under this SLA:

    Once a support request has been submitted, Ricoh will make itself available to work with the UW resource assigned to the support request

    Ricoh will attempt to resolve problems over the phone on the first call

    Ricoh will provide necessary and requested documentation, information and knowledge capital to the UW prior to the start of support of a new device or functionality.

    Ricoh will schedule quarterly and annual meetings with the UW at a mutually agreed upon date and time to review service performance, and engage in joint collaborative efforts to increase user adoption. Ricoh will provide metrics on sales volume, customer adoption, on-time delivery, billing accuracy, utilization of small/diverse second tier suppliers, and customer satisfaction.

  15. University of Washington’s General Roles and Responsibilities:

    UW has the following general responsibilities under this SLA:

    At the time of assessment the University will identify a point of contact to act as a liaison between the department Ricoh to facilitate the following -

    Act as liaison between a UW department and Ricoh

    Facilitate departmental assessment

    Assist Ricoh with deployment of new devices and the transition of existing UW-owned devices into the Ricoh MPS program as set forth in the applicable Service Order

    Act as point of escalation for issues beyond usual scope

    Participate in regularly scheduled reviews of Ricoh’s service performance

  16. Form of Statement of Work : For Sample Purposes Only –

    Ricoh will provide a Statement of Work after completion of the department’s assessment.

    Principal Period of Maintenance(PPM)
    • Ricoh will maintain monitoring hours of operation from 8am – 5pm local time Monday – Friday local time except University of Washington observed holidays

    • Ricoh will maintain technical service hours from 8am – 5pm local time Monday – Friday local time except University of Washington observed holidays

    • Any Service Requests received after 5PM local time, Monday-Friday will be executed the next business day beginning at 8AM

    • Adherence to Schedule
    • Managed Document Services Contract

    • Site Procedures Guide

    • Ricoh Device Management Control Center

    • Ricoh Print Support Specialist

    • Ricoh will treat each UW Employee in a professional, courteous manner
    • Ricoh staff will attend Ricoh’s Annual Code of Ethics Training
    • Ricoh Service Excellence Training Continuum
    • Ricoh Device Management Control Center Ricoh Print Support Specialist
    • Ricoh staff will, at minimum will identify themselves as a Ricoh employee and display a Ricoh identification badge at all times while onsite at a University of Washington location when on site at the University.
    • Adherence to Dress Code Policy
    • Site Procedures Guide
    • Ricoh Employee Handbook
    • Ricoh Device Management Control Center
    • Ricoh Print Support Specialist
    Ricoh Associate
    • Ricoh staff will be trained to support all contracted on-site equipment
    • Ricoh New Employee Training will begin on the first day of employment.
    • Training Continuum Matrix
    • Development Matrix
    • Board and Report
    • iDOT Training
    • 5 Star Daily
    • Huddles
    • Individual Development Plans
    • RSE Employee Training
    • Ricoh Device Management Control Center
    • Ricoh Print Support Specialist
    • A survey will be sent out semi annually to solicit feedback in each of the key operational areas from the UW IT groups
    • Annual End User Survey will cover the following service areas: Fleet Equipment
    • All results will go directly to UW Key Contact(s)
    • These reports will be discussed in detail in our Account Reviews.
    • All surveys will be approved by UW Key Contact
    • Adherence to Survey Schedule
    • Client Survey Feedback
    • Ricoh Integrated Account Manager UW Key Contact
    • Ricoh will provide monthly management reports to the Key Contact(s).
    • Monthly Management Reports
    • MDS Management Contract
    • Ricoh Integrated Account Manager
    • Ricoh Strategic Account Manager
    • Ricoh will track metrics in the areas of device utilization, volumes and service requests, as reported through the Monthly Management Report.
    • Monthly Management Report
    • Monthly Management Report
    • Ricoh Integrated Account Manager
    • Ricoh will provide monthly invoices to the UW MDS Key Contact for each functional area until Ricoh and UW customer can review invoice process and determine if adjustment should be considered, approximately 6 months following implementation.
    • Ricoh Billing Template
    • Ricoh Electronic Invoices
    • Ricoh Integrated Account Manager
    • Ricoh Billing Specialist
    Key Contact
    • A key contact survey will be sent to the UW Business Owner annually.
    • Electronic or Hard copy of survey
    • Key Contact Survey
    • Ricoh Integrated Account Manager
    Printer Fleet Equipment Service - Consumables
    • Ricoh will provide following servicesfor all RICOH serviced equipment
    • Complete the request in TRAC for each machine, indicating date/time serviced.
    • Monitor consumables inventory via TRAC
    • UW monitors on-hand consumables.
    • UW submits Service Request in TRAC for items below Ricoh determined par level.
    • Ricoh orders consumables to be delivered to UW site.
    • Ricoh’s suite of MDS related tools and reporting
    • Site Procedures Guide
    • Ricoh’s suite of MDS related tools and reporting
    • Ricoh Device Management Control Center
    • Ricoh Print Support Specialist
    Printer Fleet Equipment Service calls
    • UW will submits Service Request via telephone or utilize the TRAC online submission tool.
    • Ricoh will monitor the service calls for escalation if necessary.  Ricoh will escalate when equipment monitoring indicates issues or when end users call with service issues past the agreed on SLAs.
    • Ricoh’s suite of MDS related tools and reporting
    • Monthly Management Report
    • Ricoh Device Management Control Center
    • Ricoh Print Support Specialist
    Printer Fleet Equipment inventory
    • Inventory all of Customer's Systems (Printers), by collecting and reporting the printer serial number, model number
    • Update TRAC database with equipment detail.
    • Follow up on TRAC
    • Ricoh’s suite of MDS related tools and reporting
    • Monthly Management Report
    • Ricoh Device Management Control Center
    • Ricoh Print Support Specialist
    Fleet Equipment Ongoing Analysis
    • UW will submit Service Request via telephone or utilize the TRAC online service request tool for the IMAC-D process.   
    • Ricoh will maintain collection of periodic meter reads including review and validation.  
    • Ricoh will maintain database of equipment in TRAC.
    • Ricoh’s suite of MDS related tools and reporting
    • Monthly Management Report
    • Ricoh Device Management Control Center
    • Ricoh Print Support Specialist