MPS Program Overview

How does the MPS Program support UW's environmental and sustainability initiatives?

The MPS Program advances UW's environmental and sustainability initiatives through the elimination of equipment that consumes high levels of energy, better management of toner cartridges and their disposal, and reduction of paper consumption.

How was the Supplier chosen? Who is the Supplier?

The MPS program was developed by a cross functional evaluation team comprised of representatives from UW's administrative and academic areas. Following a competitive solicitation process, the team evaluated responses and selected Ricoh as the Supplier to partner with UW for MPS.

What is included in the program? What type of equipment will be provided in the MPS Program?

Managed Print Services includes equipment, supplies (excluding paper), preventive maintenance, parts and repair, software, installation and training. Ricoh will collaborate with the department to determine the types, models, and quantities of equipment from the results of the on-site assessment. The program includes several standard models of multifunctional devices, selected to meet the varied needs of the campus.

Does my equipment have to be networked to be on the MPS Program?

Yes, all equipment included on the MPS program should be networked. Standard UWIT networking activation fees may apply.

What happens if a department's output needs change?

If there is a substantial change in output needs such as volume, number of users, application changes, etc., Ricoh will consult with the department to re-evaluate their needs and may make appropriate equipment adjustments.

Am I required to participate in the MPS Program?

The program is an enterprise-wide initiative supported by University administration. The University's goal is to have full participation from campus departments. The assessment process is required. 

What do I do if I have existing rental, lease or service agreements on equipment?

There will be a phased transition to the new Ricoh contract over the course of a few years, due to the fact that many campus departments have existing copier rental and lease agreements which will need to run their course before they can switch to the new contract.  If you have existing agreements that expire soon, consider extending on a month to month basis if possible, and holding off until you can have an MPS assessment.

Enrolling in the Program

How does my department enroll in MPS? When should we enroll in MPS?

If you are interested in enrolling in MPS, go to the Get Started" tab to sign up, or if you have questions,  send an e-mail request to

What criteria are used to determine the department's equipment needs?

During the assessment process Ricoh considers multiple factors to ensure the satisfaction of all users. Although monthly volume is a major consideration, they will also evaluate other needs such as speed, quality, finishing capabilities, ease-of-use, and paper handling capacity. Ricoh will also review the department's needs to print from special applications to ensuring the appropriate device is selected.

What does the departmental assessment include?

Once you are on the MPS project list, you will be contacted prior to the assessment with a short list of items that should be submitted prior to the assessment. A Ricoh analyst will contact you to schedule a time to conduct the assessment after the information has been received. The analyst will need an escort through the area to insure required access to all areas.

Will equipment be removed from the department?

Each department assessment will take into consideration the current printing environment and recommend cost saving opportunities within the assessment proposal. The final decision will be determined by the department.

Cost of the Program

Will the cost per impression be the only charge once my department has enrolled in the program?

Yes, however the black & white price is based on monthly minimum volume requirements per device. Ricoh will work with each department to ensure that the appropriate device is selected to meet the volume needs of the department. Color impressions have no minimums

What is the cost?
Pricing Model

Cost per impression (CPI)


Cost per impression (CPI)


MPS Program (standard), includes equipment, service and supplies $0.0104/page $0.0468/page
Service & Supplies Only (for pre-owned equipment) $0.0076/page $0.065/page
MPS Plus Program (enhanced level of service) Contact Armand Bulaoro at  

* Plus sales tax

What is the difference between the "MPS program" and the "MPS Plus program"?


MPS-plus (additional 25% cost added)

Ricoh service and supplies included Ricoh service and supplies included
Ricoh training session included Ricoh training session included
Electronic billing with online invoice access included Electronic billing with online invoice access included
Direct installation by Ricoh and your IT group Direct installation by Creative Communications
Device management by your IT group Device management by Creative Communications
Ricoh print driver installation by your IT group with support from Ricoh Ricoh print driver installation by Creative Communications with support from your IT group
User code management by you with support from Ricoh User code management through Creative Communications
Multiple budget billing by you, if needed Multiple budget billing through Creative Communications, if needed
Paper provided by you Paper provided through Creative Communications


Will departments have to buy new equipment after we enroll in the program?

If your existing departmental copier is at expiration, it may be replaced by a new Ricoh device. Existing UW owned printers (not under leases) may be placed under the cost per copy, excluding equipment, price, at .0076 per impression for B&W. If your department holds leases on copier or printer equipment those contracts will remain in effect until they expire.

How often will equipment be refreshed in the program?

Equipment will be refreshed on an as needed basis; it is in the best interest of both parties to have good working equipment.

What happens to equipment (copiers and printers) that isn't needed anymore?

If the equipment is UW-owned and no longer needed, the equipment should be surplused by your department. All internal UW procedures for equipment disposal must be followed and required forms completed by the department. Contact the Surplus Property Office for disposal.  Existing copiers or other multifunctional devices that are on lease or rental agreements need to be returned to the existing supplier at the end of the lease or rental period.   




Is my leased Ricoh copier/printer automatically insured?

University property and equipment is not automatically insured. For more information about insuring your leased Ricoh equipment, please visit the UW Risk Services web site.


What are the best practices for printing sustainably?

For further information please see:

Who do I contact for additional questions?

If the answer to your question is not available here, then please e-mail

Who do I contact for IT questions?

You get in touch with Ricoh IT support at 888-424-1573.

How do I get training for my department?

Please see training site.