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Best Practices

An end date is required. Workday does not have a Final Invoice Date as Ariba did, however.

A Supplier is a business entity (external to UW) that sells goods and services for a price to a customer. UW-registered suppliers are those entities or individual contractors which have provided their federally-registered information for verification and been approved for use in Workday as part of the procure-to-pay process. 

We are currently researching this question and look forward to having a definitive answer, soon.

Use of UW Connect Finance has presented a significant learning curve, and all teams communicating within UWCF are bringing patience to their daily activities, utilizing office hours, and trying different methods of doing things within Connect to attempt to streamline and become as efficient as possible as soon as possible. We are definitely, learning together! 

Changes in Workday may only be done by the Procurement Contract Managers. You can submit those requests to our team, directly. Subaward changes and requests will come from OSP to Procurement.

One of our training team members was formerly on the PCS team, and both work closely with PCS (they are under the same manager) to create content. 

We are currently researching this question and look forward to having a definitive answer, soon.

The catalog web page lists all the suppliers that have a catalog available in Workday at 

Additional funds should be added via change order, rather than to the initial replacement BPO. This is to make the audit trail and added scope trail clear for accounting purposes.

You would obtain a quote from the vendor. If there is specific pricing, you may also contact the Procurement contract manager for that contract for assistance.

There is not a separate different process for UW Bothell or UW Tacoma subawards. They were included in the conversion effort, but you should still check them in Workday to ensure they converted correctly.

Departments can purchase gift cards for employee recognition using their ProCard. The gift must be reported to Payroll because the gift is taxable. See the Employee Recognition webpage and the Employee Recognition FAQs.

The department should have a defined, documented and monitored procedure for how recognition works and the gift cards are given.

The gift cards must be treated like cash and managed using Cash Management controls.

The gift cards must be reported to Payroll as income by emailing the amounts of the recognition to

Note: Gift cards should not be purchased with one’s own credit card and then be reimbursed.

A subrecipient must be both a Supplier and a Subrecipient in Workday. Follow instructions on adding a new Supplier. The subrecipient must also be designated as a subrecipient in Workday. If your subrecipient is not designated as a subrecipient in Workday, send an Award Portal request to Grant & Accounting (GCA) to request designatioin of anew subrecipient. Note: Entity must already be a Supplier in Workday. If the subrecipient is not in SAGE, have your subrecipient complete the New Subrecipient Entity Certification Form then, send that form to

Yes, Guy Brown is currently a catalog vendor in Workday. 

As part of the data conversion at go-live, Workday Supplier Contract & PO were created for open, active subaward BPOs in Ariba. The Workday PO number is the same as the Ariba BPO number. Please note, there are some Supplier Contracts and/or POs that could not be automatically created. Procurement and OSP are working on a process to address these situations and will communicate details as soon as possible. Please do not create a PO in Workday. Subaward POs have their own business process.

As a state institution, we do not issue money orders or cashier's checks.

There is not a specific list; it depends on several factors: the vendor, the budget, the item being purchased, etc.  

You can type the supplier's invoice number in the Workday Search field and the SI Invoice number will come up if the invoice has been submitted. The purchase order will also show as partially invoiced, and you can see the invoice number on the line-item detail.

Yes - you may look up the training guide "Pro-J-05" in the Bridge training website.

Invoices are submitted by suppliers to and will be uploaded by the system from there. Due to the unusually high volume of invoices due to FT, we cannot provide an average estimated timeline at this time.

We are currently researching this question and look forward to having a definitive answer soon.