Departmental Scholarship User Guide

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Departments may access the Student Database (SDB) to award scholarship payments to students who are enrolled at the University of Washington. To post the awards, departments must request access to SDB from the Registrar’s Office. Once SDB access is received, the department must then request access to specific student account information through the Student Fiscal Services Office (SFS). When departments have full access, they may award scholarship payments directly to their students’ accounts and also override restrictions when necessary. SFS will set up departmental driver worktags on SDB and assist departments by troubleshooting any disbursement problems. Departments that oversee scholarship funds (for making awards to students) work in partnership with Student Fiscal Services to deliver those awards.

Department Responsibilities:

  1. Obtain SDB access and attend an appropriate training session.
  2. Authorize setup of aid funds in SDB by accurately completing an online Request for SDB Fund Number Set-up. 
  3. Determine correct budget numbers, student recipients and award amounts, including:
    • Understanding fund types and allowable expenses
    • Confirming that awards made are accurate and fully disbursed (if eligible)
  4. Enter the department’s awards into SDB for disbursement to students.
  5. Authorize and override existing funds in SDB to release aid to students who don’t meet the original budgets fund restrictions (if appropriate).
  6. Reconcile and account for funds awarded and disbursed from the department’s fund.
  7. Define and monitor the charges the department’s funds are authorized to pay on SDB and verify that awards are posted accurately.

SFS Responsibilities:

  1. Set up budgets in SDB and enter disbursement restrictions in accordance with departments’ instructions from the online Request for SDB Fund Number Setup.
  2. Provide SDB access to authorized users.
  3. Provide training for departments to enter awards in SDB.
  4. Provide excellent customer service to our departmental partners – advising and troubleshooting specific problems as needed; e.g. prior quarter disbursements, processing award cancellations, etc.

Access to SDB – how to get set up

Step 1 – Download, print and complete the appropriate Request Access to the Student Database (SDB) form for your campus.
Step 2 – Get required signatures and route as indicated on the bottom of the form.
Step 3 – After receiving your SDB UserID and setting up your Two-factor authentication (2FA) with DUO, submit the SDB Budget/Fund/Driver Worktag Access Request for specific department budgets as needed.

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