Enter student awards into SDB

After your budget has been accurately set up in SDB, it is ready for posting awards for individual students.
Use these SDB screens when authorizing awards to students:

SDB Screen Action
M6 4 Check charges/credits on student’s account and confirm disbursement of award
M6 17 Check for disbursement and eligibility problems
M6 19 Authorize awards
M6 21 Check award restrictions and post overrides as needed


  1. Logon to SDB
  2. Navigate to the M6 4 screen to view the student’s tuition/fee charges.
    • Enter the student number
    • Enter 4 in the action field
    • Press the Enter key on the far right side of the keyboard (also referred to as the Sendkey)
    • Note: SDB will default to the current quarter
      SDB M6 4
  3. To enter an award, access the M6-19 screen:
    • Enter the correct student number, budget number and aid year*
    • Press Enter on the far right side of your keyboard
      • *The Aid Year (AY) starts Summer Quarter and ends the following Spring Quarter and is referred to by the year in which it ends. For example: AY 2008 = Summer 07 through Spring 08.
        SDB normally defaults to the current aid year, but always check it when entering awards.
    • M6-19: Enter Award
      SDB M619
  4. You can enter awards for all quarters in that aid year that you wish to authorize disbursements.
    • Press the Home key to go to the top screen; then press the Enter key in the middle to move the cursor down
    • Use the Tab key to move from quarter to quarter
    • Enter a U in the field next to the quarters you wish to authorize
    • Enter the authorized disbursement amounts for each quarter awarded
    • When the quarters and amounts have been entered, press Enter key (on the far-right side of the keyboard.). Now your award is posted on the student’s account.
M6-19: Press the send key to authorize award onto a student's account
+ Don’t forget to double-check budget numbers between students!
+ It is possible to enter more than one quarter at a time within an academic aid year.
SDB M619
5. Access the M6-17 screen to confirm disbursement and check for eligibility problems:
+ Check the authorized and disbursed amounts
+ You will only be able to see the current quarter disbursements on this page- future quarter authorizations will not be displayed 
+ If they do not match, check for holds or other eligibility problems (see more detail below)
M6-17: View award and disbursement status
SDB M617
Disbursement Type (TYP) What it Means
CSH Cash only - the budget will not pay any charges on the student's account; the full award amount will be issued to the student as cash (by ACH/Direct Deposit or aid check)
ACT Account only - the budget will only pay charges on the student's account; if there are unspent funds remaining, they will not be released to the student
OPN Open Disbursement - the budget will pay all eligible charges on the student's account; if there are additional funds remaining, they will be issued to the student (by ACH/Direct Deposit or aid check)