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Holds are placed preventing registration and changes to your schedule. We will not release your diploma or transcripts. A late charge is assessed.

You should immediately contact our Receivables team at 206-616-5421 to discuss your situation and any options that may be available to you.

If you are registered for the current quarter, you may also want to contact Financial Aid to see if funds may be available to you.

Unpaid charges may be sent to outside collections. A percentage based collection fee, up to 40% of your charges, will be added to the amount our collection agency will manage. For example, if your past due balance is $10,000, the amount owed increases to $14,000.00.

Students must have all past due charges owed to the University paid in full in order to register for any classes. If you are having troubles paying your tuition and fees, please contact us at or call us at 206-543-4694. We can still help with payment plans to prevent your account from being sent to outside collections.

Other charges owed, e.g., Library or Parking fines, Health Center charges, child care, etc., need to be paid directly to the specific Department. SFS does not have those amounts, cannot take those payments, and cannot remove those holds.

Payment plans are normally no longer than 90 days. Longer plans will be reviewed based on your financial situation.

Every time you register you acknowledge a Financial Liability Agreement informing you of the rules regarding your tuition bill and what happens to the account if it becomes delinquent.

Yes, please contact us by complete the following form, so we can manually review your student account.