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Tuition rates are based on the student’s classification as an undergraduate, graduate, or professional student in addition to their residency classification.

Rates are found at:

  1. The tuition statement on MyUW serves as the official tuition bill. No paper bills are sent for tuition. MyUW can be found at
  2. Housing & Food Services will bill separately for UW housing. This fee will appear on the official tuition bill at the beginning of the quarter only if the student notifies Housing & Food Services that financial aid will pay for their housing. Contact HFS (206-543- 4059) if you need to set up financial aid payment.
  3. Participation in Early Fall Start will be paid for at the time of registration. Questions should be directed to Professional and Continuing Education at 206-543- 2310 or email For more information go to:

Students are required to give permission via MyUW before student fiscal information can be given to third parties such as parents. The third party will receive an email notification once this access has been established with their own password to allow them to view a modified version of MyUW. Please go to can to find account access.

  1. Pay online with web check. Web check is a free service! Information can be found at:
  2. Pay by credit card. There is a convenience fee each time you make a credit card payment. Go directly to the Tuition/Fees Payment by Credit Card web page at
  3. Pay by check: Mail to University of Washington, P.O. Box 3981, Seattle, WA 98124-3981. Make sure the student number is on the check.

Other payment are available at:

University of Washington
P.O. Box 24967
Seattle, WA 98124

Students need to report all scholarships to the Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA) if they were not already reported on their award notice.

Note: To check on the status of a scholarship, first call the sponsor.

Complete application and sign the Master Promissory Note online at

  1. Log in to your GET account at and follow the instructions to notify them where the student will be attending and how many units to use. UW uploads GET files three times a week.
  2. Usually funds are disbursed to student account within 3-5 days. Funds can only be used to pay charges on the student account (including UW housing).
  1. Student applies for the benefit in the UW VA office at 206-543- 6122.
  2. VA office certifies the account and requests the money for the student.
  3. SFS pays tuition for the student after we receive the funds.

Students have through the 7th calendar day (including weekends and holidays) of each quarter to make changes to their schedule without incurring a financial penalty. Students are charged one-half of the tuition reduction (50% forfeiture) for classes dropped from the 8th through the 30th calendar day of the quarter. If they drop below fulltime, they will be charged the tuition rate for the number of credits that they are taking, plus one-half of the difference between full-time tuition and the new rate. For changes made on the 31st day or later, they will be charged 100% of the tuition amount. Additionally, after the 7th calendar day, the Registrar’s Office will assess a $20 late change fee. Summer drop/forfeiture dates are different.

Student Health Insurance programs changed summer 2014- and it became available for international student only. For more information go to: insurance-health- plan/

If the student signs up for direct deposit, the money will automatically go into their bank account. Students may sign up for direct deposit on MyUW.


Otherwise a check will be mailed to the student’s local address. (Aid checks cannot be picked up in person). Aid checks may take up to 10 business days to reach the student by mail, so signing up for direct deposit is strongly encouraged to receive the funds quickly and safely. Important: students should confirm the accuracy of their address regularly in MyUW to ensure funds are delivered accurately.

Students may apply for a short-term loan online through MyUW. Applicants will be informed of their eligibility immediately and will be able to electronically sign a promissory note online. They can have the funds applied to their tuition account balance immediately. If they are signed up for direct deposit, the excess funds will be deposited into their bank account within three business days; otherwise a check will be mailed. Be aware that these are short term loans and that payment will be due the following quarter.