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Student Database (SDB)

Two ways: You can access the budget on M7-14 or you can post an award on M6-19. When you access them, if you get the following two messages, you will know that you do not have access. You will need to submit budget access form. See question above.

Scenario 1: M7-14: If you do not have access you will get the message, "YOUR USER-ID DOES NOT GIVE YOU ACCESS TO THE REQUESTED FUND"

SDB M7-14 screen

Scenario 2: M6-19: If you do not have access you will get the message, "YOUR USER ID DOES NOT HAVE UPDATE ACCESS TO THIS FUND"

SDB M6-19 screen

SDB M6-19 screen

This means the budget is set up but you do not have access on your user profile on student database (SDB). You need to submit a budget access request.

The system is set-up to automatically send you a confirmation email when you submit an online form. This does not mean your request has been processed. Currently this is not an automated process, it requires someone in Student Fiscal Services (SFS) to go in and set your budget up on four different screens. The normal turnaround time is 24 hours. You will receive an email confirmation with the word “processed” in the body of the email once it’s set up.

There are two possible reasons 1) you posted in a different quarter than the current quarter or 2) the award did not post on the system.

Reason 1: You posted to a different quarter than the current quarter
+ To determine this, go to:
1) M6-19 and type;
• The budget
• The current aid year
• Hit the outside enter

SDB M6-19 screen

2) If no awards come up then try checking previous aid years by updating the year field and hitting outside enter.

3) On each year check to see if there is an award that you may have posted. If it is in the incorrect quarter follow the cancellation instructions (under reason 2)

4) If no awards come up then the award you posted likely did not take on the student’s record.

5) To double check you didn’t post an award on a different student; if you haven’t logged off student database (SDB) in between you can view all screens you have previously viewed by paging up.

Reason 2: The Award You Posted Is not on SDB

Here are some common errors individuals make that cause the award not to take.
1) User does not have access to the budget;
2) User posted on the wrong budget; (check in M6 17 to see if the
amount is correct, the budget is incorrect)
3) User posted on the wrong student; you can page up to view
previously viewed pages.
4) The number lock is off;
5) The cap lock is off;
6) User did not first look up the budget before posting the award

Note: You can always cancel an award by completing the Award Cancellation Request

This is an informational message. It does not mean you have made an error. The message means the budget is set up in the system and an award has not been posted for this student. Usually this message comes up when a department is about to post an award. Post your award and outside enter.

SDB M6-19 screen

First, ensure that the funds were allocated to cash and not to account. If you are awarding some funds that are going directly to the student one of two things needs to occur 1) the funds will go direct deposit or 2) a check must be requested and mailed to the students. If they have direct deposit it will go automatically.

To check if the student has direct deposit go to M6-17 look for the message “ACH” in the top right corner.

SDB M6-17 screen

If they do not have direct deposit, the student needs to request a check be mailed out. Check in M6 4 and see if a check was sent in the past 5-7 days. A check can take 7-10 days to arrive to a student.

In order to receive funds a student must be registered in the quarter you post the award.

To troubleshoot this issue you will want to look at how your budget is set up. There are 8 parts to resident tuition (2 for Bothell only) and an additional flag if your budget is paying the nonresident differential. To check this go to M6-21 with the proper budget and aid year entered.

SDB M6-21 screen

+ Are all flags turned Y?
+ Are all percentages changed to 100%?

If paying a fee-based/self-sustaining tuition charge that is posted on SDB, then you need to check for a different flag in the budget setup.

On M6-21 look to see that the “Tuit Related” range is flagged with a “Y”

SDB M6-21 screen

This means that your budget has not been set up yet. You will need to submit a Reqest for Budget Setup form

SDB M6-19 screen

Nonresident tuition is two different parts; 1) resident tuition (the base rate of tuition everyone pays) and 2) the nonresident differential (the additional amount that nonresidents pay). When you set up a budget there are individual flags for each section of tuition on M7-16.

SDB M7-16 screen

If you request that nonresident tuition be paid by your budget then the flag for the nonresident tuition portion will be flagged. But this only applies to the additional amount non-residents pay. To pay all portions of tuition you need to check both non-resident and resident tuition. (See next question)

In SDB, each flag represents a code that defines a fee that comprises part of the total tuition that students pay at the UW.

Resident Tuition Flag Definitions

Code and Fee Definition
1 Building
2 Operating
3 Services and activities
4 Technology fee
5 Intramural Activities Bond
6 Facilities Renovation
7 Bothell Only - Arts and Recreation Center Construction
8 Bothell Only - Arts and Recreation Center Programming

Complete information is provided by the Office of Fellowships and Awards within the Graduate School on the UW Seattle Campus via their website at

They may have it waived if they meet the following criteria:

  • paid on a grant budget (budget type 05)
  • paid for five out of six consecutive pay periods during the quarter
  • 50% FTE or greater
  • taking more than 10 credits

They may have it waived if they meet the following criteria:

  • in job class 0859, 0860, 0861, 0862, 0863 or 0864
  • paid on grant budget (budget type 05)
  • paid for five out of six consecutive pay periods during the quarter
  • paid $800 or more a month
  • taking 10 or more credits

Usually the system will post the tech fee waiver automatically.

The NRD form is sent to the Graduate School. This form must be submitted each quarter that the waiver is being requested.