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We accept Automated Clearing House (ACH) bank deposits and wire transfers for tuition and invoice payments. To get our Domestic ACH/EFT and/or Foreign Wire Transfer information, please email our office at

MyUW will list the scholarships that the UW has received for you by the Friday before the quarter starts. Your individual scholarships will not be listed by name, but instead grouped by type of scholarship.

You must be registered for classes for the current quarter before any funds can be released to your account. If you are not registered for the current quarter, the funds may be applied to a future quarter.

Funds will always be applied to your account according to the scholarship provider’s wishes. If no instructions are provided, all checks for $2000 or more will be split over the remaining quarters in the academic year. Checks for less than $2000 will be applied to the current quarter.

Scholarship Providers’ payments must be received by SFS by the tuition due date. You may be assessed a late fee for any unpaid balance on your student account after the tuition due date. You may avoid the late fee by paying your balance on time and then have your scholarship provider’s funds reimburse you once they are received by the university.

Funds in excess of account charges may be released to you, depending on your scholarship. Please refer to the award letter from your scholarship provider for details.
Note: The University Bookstore is not part of the University of Washington and charges for books are not included in University charges.

To access your AmeriCorps award, you can complete your request online through your AmeriCorps account.

If you wish to have the award applied to your tuition, you must make this request online no later than the tuition due date. Your student account will be credited for the amount you are eligible to receive. Any charges not covered by AmeriCorps must be paid by the tuition due date.

The University of Washington will invoice Third Party scholarship providers that have agreed to pay all or a portion of a student’s tuition, fees, or other charges.

If classes are added after the first day of the quarter, which increase your tuition balance, please email to inform Student Fiscal Services of this change. We will then send an additional invoice to your scholarship provider.

You must turn in a government agency purchase order, field order, contract, or employer sponsorship letter to Student Fiscal Services at the beginning of each quarter. Once this is received, your account will be credited and SFS will bill your scholarship provider. It will be your responsibility to pay any charges not covered by your scholarship provider or if we do not receive payment on your behalf.

If you are registered only for UW PCE classes, scholarship funds cannot be released to pay your tuition or to print you a check. Contact UW PCE for payment instructions.

All scholarships are processed through the Seattle campus and will be applied to your account in the same way regardless of which campus you attend. Please submit any necessary paperwork to the Seattle campus.

Please contact Student Fiscal Services to have a refund sent to your scholarship provider. You will need a contact name and current address for your scholarship provider in order to ensure accurate refunds.
If scholarship providers wish to have excess funds returned to them, they will need to collect the money directly from you.
Note: University of Washington does not forward any scholarship funds to other institutions. We will return your scholarship to your donor and they can re-issue the check to your school.

Phone: 206-543-4694
Fax: 206-616-2678