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Guaranteed Education Tuition (GET)

To use GET funds at the UW, the account holder must request a payment through the GET office. Their office can also advise on the appropriate number of units to request. Contact the GET office for assistance at 1-800-955-2318 or visit their website.

UW processes GET payments 3 or 4 times a week during the first few weeks of each academic quarter. During that time a payment will arrive within 2-3 business days from the day it is requested. Payments requested after that period may take additional processing time.

GET funds can be used to pay tuition and fees as well as U-Pass or housing charges. However, most GET plans do not have enough units for all of these different costs for all four years of a typical degree program. Contact the GET office for information about how to best budget your GET units.

SFS will process housing payments for students living with UW Housing and Food Services (HFS) only. For any other living arrangements, including fraternities and sororities, contact the GET office for instructions.  

GET account holders can make one request for tuition, fees, and U-Pass. Housing payments should be requested separately, even for UW Housing. Requests can be made each quarter or an entire year's payments can be requested at one time from the GET office.

UW will coordinate with GET to return the payment requested if it greatly exceeds the amount owed. If the excess amount is less than $300.00, the payment will still be accepted and a refund may be sent to the student via direct deposit or by check. Sign up for direct deposit here.

To cancel or change a GET payment request, contact the GET office for assistance before the tuition due date each quarter.

For best results, request GET payments at least 2-3 days before the tuition due date each quarter. If a GET request is made after the due date, contact our office for assistance.  

Both the GET office and UW must have matching SSN information on file to process a GET request. To update the UW, bring a copy of the student’s SSN card to the Office of the University Registrar in Schmitz Hall, or contact their office for more options at 206-543-8580 or by email at If the GET program has the incorrect number, contact their office to update.

PCE handles its own tuition payment process. Questions about using GET funds to pay for PCE tuition and fees should be directed to the PCE office: 206-543-2310 or

Please call GET at 1-800-955-2318. They can help you with your account questions.