Returned or Nonsufficient (NSF) Payments

If you submit a payment for tuition and fees that is returned by your bank for nonpayment, the payment will be reversed and you will incur an Returned Payment fee. Below is additional information about about why a check could have been returned by your bank and impacts to your student account. The nonpayment may be caused by a number of reasons such as:

  • insufficient funds
  • a closed account
  • a non-transaction account
  • using an invalid account or routing number

You will receive an email if a payment made to your account does not go through once we are notified by the bank of the rejected payment. Upon notification of the returned item by either Student Fiscal Services (SFS) or your bank, it is your responsibility to pay the outstanding amount and any associated fees immediately. Payment must be made with guaranteed funds such as:

  • money order
  • bank cashier check
  • certified check
  • traveler's checks
  • cash

If not paid, SFS may place holds on various student services such as short-term loan application, registration and transcripts until the outstanding amount and associated fees are paid in full. In addition, you may be required to meet with an adviser in SFS for counseling and/or take a cash management class.

If the failed payment was to pay tuition or aid repayments and you do not repay the debt, you will not be allowed to continue at the University until the issues are resolved and guaranteed payment is made in full. If you fail to make restitution in a timely fashion, you may be subject to cancellation of registration, disciplinary action under the Student Conduct Code, and/or criminal charges.

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