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Schedule Changes

The following chart lists tuition and fees and what is charged according to the date of the drop in credits, or complete withdrawal. **Please be aware the calendar day starts on the first day of the quarter and includes weekends and holidays.

Autumn 2020

Date of Change Calendar Day of Quarter Tuition Forfeiture Change of Registration Fee
September 30 to October 6 1st - 7th 0% $0

October 7 - 29

8th - 21st 50% $20

October 30 or later

22nd day or later 100% $20


Schedule changes become effective the date they are received and processed in the Registration Office, or in an academic department.

Class drops

Note: Calendar days includes weekends and holidays.

  • By the 7th calendar day of the quarter - full credit received for any reduction in tuition due to the drop
  • Between the 8th & 30th* calendar days - refund of one-half of the tuition reduction associated with the drop, in addition to the $20 Late Change of Registration Fee
  • After the 30th* calendar day - no reduction in tuition and also charged a $20 Late Change of Registration Fee

*21st calendar day during summer quarter


Students who withdraw may be entitled to a refund of all or a portion of the tuition and fees for a given quarter depending on when the withdrawal is completed. Please note calendar days includes weekends and holidays.

  • By the 7th calendar day of the quarter - pay no tuition
  • Between the 8th & 30th calendar day* of the quarter are required to pay half tuition
  • After the 30th calendar day* of the quarter are required to pay full tuition

*21st calendar day in Summer Quarter


When you make changes to your schedule from the 8th through the 30th calendar day of the quarter that result in you dropping from one tuition rate to another, or withdrawing completely from your classes, you are charged a tuition forfeiture fee.

You are charged one-half of the tuition reduction (50% forfeiture) for classes dropped from the 8th through the 30th calendar day of the quarter during Autumn, Winter and Spring quarters, or from the 8th to the 21st calendar day of Summer quarter. If you drop from one tuition rate to another such as dropping below full-time, or dropping from over 18 credits to below the 18 credit surcharge threshold, you will be charged the tuition rate for the number of credits that you are now taking, plus one-half of the difference between full-time tuition and your new rate.

Forfeiture fees may be waived for specific reasons. If your circumstance falls within the stated guidelines, and you fill out a petition and provide the required documentation, you may have the forfeiture fees waived. Seattle students may fill out the tuition forfeiture petition here. If you are a student at Bothell, Tacoma or PCE, please visit the sites below:

If you are an international student planning to withdraw, please contact ISS regarding the impact to your visa status.

ATTENTION ISHIP STUDENTS: The student database system will not automatically cancel ISHIP coverage if you withdraw or receive approval for tuition forfeiture. In these cases, you
need to contact the ISHIP Office by the third Friday of the quarter to cancel the coverage otherwise you will be charged and may owe a late fee. Please note, ISHIP fees are not always refundable. The UW is obligated to pay our insurance carrier shortly after the third Friday of each quarter. If your cancellation request comes AFTER the UW has paid our insurance carrier, you will be responsible for ISHIP fees incurred during that quarter. Contact the ISHIP counselor to determine if you are still eligible for a refund.


Refunds from tuition and fee payments are sent to the student directly:

  • To receive refunds directly to your bank account, you must be setup for Direct Deposit
  • If you do not have Direct Deposit setup, a check will be automaticaly sent to your local address on file. Please make sure your local address is up to date.

Availability of refunds is determined by the method of payment used. Payments made by check or webcheck require 10 business days to refund. Credit card payments become eligible for refund 30 calendar days after the date of payment. The UW is not able to track the origin of each payment. Exceptions to this are scholarship payments which are returned to the sponsor.

UW Professional & Continuing Education Certificate Program Students

If you are enrolled in a certificate program through UW Professional & Continuing Education, please refer to the refund polices listed on the website.The refund deadlines displayed on MyUW do not apply to certificate programs.

Withdrawals or Refunds for Financial Aid Recipients

If you are a financial aid recipient and withdraw from all of your classes, please review guidelines for Withdrawal and Refund from the Office of Student Financial Aid.  

International Students Who Withdraw from ELPR Classes

If you are an international student who is taking an Academic English Program (or an English language proficiency requirement - ELPR) course (ENGL 101 and 104), and you withdraw from the University, you may request a refund for that class.

You must make the refund request by contacting English Language Programs. This must be done at the same time that you are withdrawing from the University.