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How to Pay Your Tuition

Pay online by viewing your statement or see the other options below.

If you see a CR on your tuition statement (e.g. $17.00CR) this means there is a credit balance; contact Student Fiscal Services for a refund. Do not pay if your balance shows a "CR".

Important: Student Fiscal Services will only accept payments for tuition and fees for the current academic quarters. Due to banking requirements, funds submitted in excess of outstanding balances may result in the payment being rejected and returned to the payer in its entirety. Excess payments may be rejected even if the extra funds are intended for use for books, off-campus housing, or other living expenses.

How Payments and Financial Aid are Applied to Your Account

Payments are applied to charges on your tuition account in order of the charge due dates. For charges with the same due date, payments are applied first to tuition and related University fees and then to other charges on your account. You may request that a payment be applied to a specific charge when paying in person at the Student Fiscal Services Office.

Web Check Payment

Students make a webcheck payment here.

Parents make a webcheck payment here

Tuition and related charges may be paid online using your checking or savings account. A Web Check payment results in an electronic debit of your bank account. (Please verify that your bank allows electronic debiting before attempting to make a webcheck payment.) After the Web Check payment has been posted to your student account, it will be sent to your bank for processing. Depending on your bank, the transaction could take from 1-10 business days to be deducted from your bank account. Before submitting payment, verify your account and routing number, amount and type of account are correct. Once payment has been submitted, UW cannot cancel/edit the payment under any circumstances.

Info needed for web check payment:

  • UW student ID
  • Bank routing number (valid routing numbers usually begin with the first two digits of 01-12, 21-32, or 61-72)
  • Bank account number


Need help making your webcheck payment? Watch our how-to video or read our how-to instructions.

Rejected Payments

If your payment is returned as unpaid by your bank for any reason, your student account will be assessed a returned item fee of $25. Late payment fees may be added if the returned item causes the account not to be paid by the tuition due date. Student Fiscal Services reserves the right to disable the ability to use Web Check due to returned items.

Payments may be returned by banks for many reasons including:

  • Lack of sufficient funds
  • Use of an incorrect or invalid bank routing or account number
  • The account has been closed or frozen
  • The account is a non-transaction account
  • The bank does not participate in automated clearing house (ACH) transactions

Paying in Person

You may pay your tuition in person at the Student Fiscal Services Office in Schmitz Hall, the U.S. Bank branch in the HUB, or in UW Bookstore University Way location. You may pay by cash, check or money order. In an effort to promote student safety, Student Fiscal Services will no longer accept cash payments greater than $500.00.

Credit, debit and UW Husky cards are not accepted in the Student Fiscal Services Office.

Drop Slots

You may deposit your payment in the drop slot located on the wall outside of Schmitz Hall on the 41st Street entrance (north side of the building). You do not need to use an envelope. Be sure to write your student number on (the front of) your check. The date the payment is deposited in the drop slot is considered the date of payment. Payments deposited in the drop slot will be posted to your tuition account within two business days, although the funds may be withdrawn from your bank account the same day the check is received. The drop slot is closed at 5:00 p.m. on the tuition due date. Do not put cash in the drop slot.

Note: Student Fiscal Services has the right to refuse payment and request a different method of payment if we cannot process payment type (i.e. large amount of coins).  We do not recommend students carrying large amounts of cash due to the risk of losing or someone taking their cash when coming to our office.

By Mail

Checks for tuition payments should be mailed to:

University of Washington - Tuition
P.O. Box 3981
Seattle, WA 98124-3981

Make your check payable to the University of Washington. Be sure to include your seven-digit student number written clearly on the (front) of your check. If your name is not printed on the check, please write your name on the front so that your tuition account will be properly credited.

Payments must be received by Student Fiscal Services by the tuition due date. Payments received after the due date will be subject to late charges and / or holds on your academic records.

Scholarship checks should be mailed to:

University of Washington - Scholarships
PO Box 24967
Seattle, WA 98124-1967

Forms and other paperwork should be mailed to:

UW Student Fiscal Services
1400 NE Campus Parkway
Box 355870
Seattle, WA 98195-5870

Credit Card Payment (internet only)

Make a credit card payment here.

Credit cards (Visa and Mastercard) and ATM/Debit cards may be used to pay tuition and fees over the internet. The University works with an external vendor-Elavon-to process these payments. The service is available online 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, and a 2.24% convenience fee is assessed for each transaction. This fee will be added to your total payment and is non-refundable. The convenience fee will be displayed prior to completion of your transaction. Your completion of the transaction acknowledges your acceptance of these payment terms. Completion of your payment transaction is contingent upon successful authorization and payment of this transaction by your card company/bank. Please note that once a payment is made with a credit/debit card, UW cannot cancel the payment even if an error in amount is made.

Important: Credit card payments become eligible for refund 30 days after the date of payment. Contact our office if a credit balance appears on your MyUW tuition account.

International Student Payment Options

Image result for flywire logo

Flywire is a trusted university partner that specializes in processing international tuition payments. Operating in 220 countries and territories, Flywire cooperates with international banks to offer payment solutions for students at U.S. universities.


The University of Washington has partnered with Western Union Business Solutions to facilitate wire transfer payments from a non-U.S. bank account. This payment option allows you to pay your student account balance in a number of currencies, provides a secure way of initiating payments electronically and incorporates pertinent student information to ensure timely crediting of the payment to the student’s bill.

Global Pay Portal

ACH/Wire Payments (International Students Only)

If you would like to pay by wire transfer please contact to obtain the banking information. Please ensure that you include the UW student’s full name, student number, and invoice (if applicable) in the wire. For International students and sponsors, we recommend FlyWire or Western Union as a more reliable method to make your payment.