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UW Finance Transformation

About UWFT


UWFT is much more than a systems update - it is a redesign of our finance-related policies and processes, with the help of new technology. Working collaboratively with transparency, integrity and synergy, toward a single financial system of record for all of UW. This transformation enables teams to reduce risk through predictable, real-time, and informed decisions.


Deliver accurate and complete financial information to empower value-driven decisions and ensure integrity and responsible stewardship necessary to achieve cost efficiencies. UWFT will build a framework that enables the reduction of total institutional cost for finance and procurement administration.


To empower the institution to continue to meet its core mission of research, education, and patient care, our foundation is built on:

• Trust and Collaboration

• Flexibility and Adaptability

• Transparency and Innovation

• Responsive Solutions and Strategic Excellence


Transparency | Integrity | Synergy

Our tagline embodies our program values and is influenced by our guiding principles. It represents the duality of the program impacting both our people and our systems.

  • Transparency: We seek to have transparency in all our activities and communications, and to build a system with visibility to real-time financial information 
  • Integrity: Our program team will act with trust and intention and seeks to reflect the inherent integrity found in numbers
  • Synergy: We work in collaboration between team members, stakeholders and users across the institution to fully integrate our systems