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UW Finance Transformation

Why Workday for UWFT?

Based on a thorough evaluation, the UW has determined Workday Financials will provide the best available platform to support its business objectives for Finance Transformation. This decision provides a seamless, tightly integrated solution for Human Resources and Payroll (HR/P), Procurement, and Finance.


  • Currently, the UW relies on an outdated 46-year old legacy financial system with decentralized processes and a proliferation of side systems, resulting in significant inefficiencies
  • Systems used by the UW Academy vary greatly from those used in UW Medicine
  • This transformation will enable the UW to standardize and simplify the financial system, triggering new functionality that enables modern accounting practices
  • Standardization will support consistent, streamlined processes and policies across the enterprise




    The UW (enterprise and unit-level) will be able to:

    • Deliver accurate data quickly
    • Provide the same data to everyone, facilitating transparency in decision-making at all levels
    • Identify overruns, deficits, and other risks – big and small
    • Support long-term planning through better forecasting (enterprise and unit-level)
    • Integrate all platforms, including HRP, Procurement, and Finance (allowing “one-time only” data entry)
    • Help leverage the hard work and dedication of staff to improve effectiveness
    • Reduce workload associated with business functions and interactions that are necessary – but secondary – to the University’s core mission