Mobile Deposit Policy

Responsible Office – Banking and Accounting Operations

Date Effective – March 1, 2021

Overview and Purpose

Banking & Accounting Operations (BAO) is responsible for establishing a formal Mobile Deposit Policy at the University of Washington.


All University of Washington departments that utilize the mobile deposit functionality through a mobile device on a bank mobile application.


Mobile Device – Any device that is considered a smartphone or a tablet, is portable, and is capable of connecting to the internet to collect, store, transmit, or process electronic data or images. Examples include, but are not limited to, iPhones, iPads, or Android phones/tablets.

Mobile Deposit – The act of utilizing a mobile device to capture an image of a check issued to University of Washington and processing the deposit of that check through a bank application which resides on that mobile device.


  • Personal mobile devices are allowed to perform mobile deposits
    • Departments are responsible for providing UW mobile devices if personal mobile devices are not preferred
  • Mobile devices utilized to process a mobile deposit must have anti-virus software actively enabled on the device
  • Mobile devices utilized for mobile deposits must follow the “Smartphone Configuration” Risk Advisory set by the Office of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
  • Mobile deposits must comply with the UW’s Cash Handling Policy
  • Only UW-related business activities are allowed when utilizing UW’s bank login credentials
  • Physical checks that are processed through mobile deposit must be shredded 14 days after the deposit posting date
  • Departments are responsible for reconciliation of the mobile deposits to budgets on a regular basis


Contact Information

If there are any questions pertaining to this policy, please contact Banking & Accounting Operations at

Written By: Mark Park, Assistant Director– Banking & Accounting Operations

Approved By: Dan Schaaf, Controller

To download this policy in pdf, click here.

Created March 1, 2021