BAO Newsletters

Banking & Accounting Operations is committed to provide campus departments updates, reminders, and additional information about the services that Banking & Accounting Operations provides. BAO will be sending these newsletters on a monthly basis and will be stored below for reference. For any additional questions, please email To sign up for BAO's mailman list to receive updates regarding BAO's policies, unclaimed deposit list, and newsletters, please click here.

Introduction to BAO

BAO Newsletter #1 dated 9/6/18

Deposit Series

BAO Newsletter #2 dated 10/5/18 - Preparing a Deposit

BAO Newsletter #3 dated 11/2/18 - Making the Deposit

BAO Newsletter #4 dated 12/3/18 - Claiming Your Deposit

BAO Newsletter #5 dated 1/2/19 - Foreign Deposit

Special Newsletter 1/4/19 - Monthly Deposit Report


BAO Newsletter #6 dated 2/6/19 - Overview of ACH/WIRE at UW

BAO Newsletter #7 dated 3/4/19 - Difference Between Receiving ACH and Wire

BAO Newsletter #8 dated 4/3/19 - What is UPIC?

BAO Newsletter #9 dated 5/3/19 - Have I Received My ACH/WIRE Payment

BAO Newsletter #10 dated 6/5/19 - Unclaimed ACH/WIRE Payments at UW

A Different Kind of Social Security - Protecting Your Business From Social Engineering Fraud

BAO Newsletter #11 dated 7/3/19

Bank of America Webcast Slide Deck

FY2019 Key Accomplishments and What is Upcoming in FY 2020

BAO Newsletter #12 dated 8/5/19