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This site shows how to process JVs.  For Sponsored Budgets (6x-xxxx or 80-xxxx) please contact Grant and Contract Accounting.  For JVs related to salary, please contact Payroll.


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Submit a JV

Submit a JV via MyFD

Journal Vouchers (JVs) - New Feature Releasing August 6th, 2018!

Beginning August 6, 2018, the Inquiry and Expense Transfer ASTRA actions will also be able to process Journal Vouchers in MyFD

The Journal Voucher feature allows MyFinancial.desktop (MyFD) users to create entries against a budget or general ledger. The Journal Voucher tool within MyFD is the new process for submitting JVs previously emailed to

Please visit the MyFD webpage to learn more.

Submit to 

***Please contact if you feel like you're a candidate to continue using

Submit an Electronic Journal Voucher form to  Please send this as an excel file, do not convert to a pdf. 

JV's presented to JVreq by noon on the second business day of a month can be recorded as prior month activity.  Include an email in the "copy dist" section if you'd like a confirmation sent once the JV has been uploaded.

*Cutoff time for same-day JV upload is 12 pm*

**All JV forms that are modified will be returned for correction.**

***It is the responsibility of campus department's to keep copies of all accounting entries.  Be sure to keep copies of the accounting entry and all associated support. For more information, please view the Files Management page.***

All requests require the following information:

  • Date
  • Budget number or fund to debit (the budget receiving the charge)
  • Budget number or fund to credit (the budget receiving the funds)
  • Revenue codes, expenditure codes, or general ledger account codes for both debit and credit entries
    • Revenue Codes Reference Link:
    • Expenditure Codes Reference Link:
  • Debit and credit amounts
  • Detailed Description
  • Name and department contact phone number of the person preparing the JV or requesting memo
  • Name and phone number of the person approving the JV (Note: the person approving the JV must be different than the person preparing the JV)
  • If transferring costs for equipment over $2,000, a UW equipment tag number needs to be provided
  • During year end and biennium cross over periods the "Period Journal Voucher Should Be Recorded" drop down box must be populated.

Request a Copy**

**For an informational view of any JV you can go to the BI Portal at .  Then search for "Journal Voucher Detail" in the search box. 


Begins Numbered Department Note
JV 00001-98999 Financial Accounting
JV 99000-99499 ISC Payroll
JV 99500-99999 Central HR
JVA 0001-Z999 Field Advance & Card Load
JVB 0001-9999 Use Tax
JVBO 001-999 Budget Office  
JVC 0001-9999 Grant and Contract Accounting - Cash Desk  
JVD 0001-9999 CoMotion  
JVE 0001-9999 Grant and Contract Accounting Prior to 12-1-06, UWEO or GCA
JVF 0001-9999 UW Educational Outreach


JVFA 001-999 Office of Development and Alumni Relations Finance and Administration
JVG 0001-8999 Grant and Contract Accounting - RTE Desk  
JVG 9000-9999 Grant and Contract Accounting - EFT Desk  
JVGA 001-999 Advancement
JVGR 001-999 Office of Development and Alumni Relations Payroll Deduction Gifts
JVGP 001-999 Office of Development and Alumni Relations Gift Processing
JVH 0001-9999 Harborview Medical Center  
JVHO 001-999 Campus HR Opers (Shared Leave JVs)  
JVI 0001-9999 I-Tech  
JVIL 001-999 Internal Lending Program, Treasury Omar Johnson
JVIN 001-999 Treasury Office Vivianne Yang (206) 221-7239
JVM 0001-9999 Merchant Services
JVP 0001-9999 Payroll  
JVR 0001-9999 Grant and Contract Accounting  
JVT 0001-9999 UW-IT  
JVX 0001-9999 Financial Reporting If you do not find the JVX in MyFinancial.desktop,request a copy with this 
JVW 0001-Z999 Procurement Services Wire payments are not scanned, but a copy is sent to the department contact who requested the payment. 
RST 0001-9999 Payroll - retroactive Salary Transfer  
JV#aaaa   My Financial Desktop JV+ 1 numeric character + 4 alpha characters
JVaaaaa   Student Fiscal Services JV + 5 alpha characters
JVA-X alpha-numeric combo Student Fiscal Services  
JVU alpha-numeric combo UWMC Contact UWMC accounting at


Additional Resources

EDW JV report

This report shows the debit and credit of a JV from the budget side only.

Using the originating area code in MyFD to track a JV

The easiest way to track a JV is using the JV number.  You can use the originating area code to find out the department that uploaded the JV.

  • Log into MyFinancial.desktop (
  • Navigate to the Transaction Summary Report and month/year in which the JV posted.
  • Expand the account code where the JV posted and click on the description of the JV.
  • In the Transaction Detail Report scroll down to the originating area code and make note of the code listed
  • Click on the code. The MyFD Glossary will open and a list of department contacts, by originating area code, will be displayed.
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