FAS Accounting


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Accounting Entries

A list of of accounting entries and how to submit them:

  • Expense Transfer in MyFD
  • Cost Transfer Invoice (CTI)
  • Internal Sales Document (ISD)
  • Journal Voucher (JV)

Account Code: A coding structure which assigns a number to different types of financial accounts.  Also known as Object Code for expenditures and Revenue Code for revenue.     

Budget Number Prefix Identifiers

Budget numbers are assigned as FAS accounts to facilitate record keeping for entities. Budget number consist of six digits in a format: XX-XXXX. Certain budgets are grouped to identify whether they are categorized as state, self-sustaining or grant & gift budgets.

Revenue Codes

A listing of the revenue codes including the two-digit Source Code in addition to the four-digit Class Code

Object and Sub-Object Codes

Each University department must enter an expenditure code (composed of a two-digit Object Code and a two-digit Sub-Object Code) on various University forms and screens, such as purchase requests or cost transfer invoices, originating within that department. Proper code classification is essential to the timely processing of expenditure transactions.


GL Codes

A listing of the GL Codes which comprise the asset, liability and fund balance accounts in FAS


Transaction Codes

A listing, together with detailed information, of the transaction codes used in FAS


Originating Area Table Information

A listing of FASTRANS originating area codes (department contacts)



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