The UW Global SIngle Points of Contact list provides contacts information for UW staff who can answer specific questions about international work. If your question isn’t covered by someone on this list, contact Kathy Katterhagen, Tax Director at or Jessica Bertram, Associate Vice President at 206-543-4993 /


Overall assistance Kathy Katterhagen UW Finance,              Enterprise Services
Export controls Jasmine Campbell Office of Research
Field advances Arnold Hong Payment Ops, Procurement Services
Foreign sponsors or subcontractors Amanda Snyder Office of Sponsored Programs 206-543-4043
Hiring foreign faculty Shelley Kostrinsky Academic Personnel 206-543-6616
Hiring foreign staff and/or UW staff who work abroad Erin Rice Human Resources 206-897-1670
Insurance Becky Bullock Risk Services 206-543-2033
Internal Audit Richard Cordova Internal Audit 206-543-4028
IT Connectivity, telecommunications Peter Krawitz UW-IT 206-616-4829
UW Global Travelers Ben Sommers Office of Global Affairs
Leasing space overseas Ronald Oestreich Real Estate Office 206-616-3416
Legal issues Rolf B. Johnson Attorney General’s Office
Paying foreign vendors Kathy Katterhagen Tax Office 206-543-9183
Paying non-resident aliens Kathy Katterhagen Tax Office 206-543-9183
Paying UW employees abroad Kathy Katterhagen Tax Office
Purchasing from foreign vendors Kassy Ellefson Procurement Services 206-543-5827
Tax including VAT Kathy Katterhagen Tax Office
Travel Teresa Athan Travel Office 206-685-9328
Visa/Immigration-Faculty/Scholars/Staff Ursula Owen International Scholars Office 206-543-1545
Visa/Immigration-Students Machelle Allman International Student Services 206-221-0329