Leasing, Purchasing or Insuring Facilities

When determining what space at a foreign site will be needed for a project (office, lab, clinical facility and/or guest house for UW project staff), there are several issues to consider. In addition to budgeting for rent, it may be necessary to budget for other expenses associated with the property such as utilities, alterations, tenant improvements, cleaning fee, furniture, grounds maintenance and security services/guard/night watch. Additionally, the following issues must be addressed:

  • Compliance with University standards and local zoning laws and building codes (fire/safety)
  • Mitigation of risk of seizure by the local government
  • Engagement with local counsel, as needed
  • Determination of the economic cost of the arrangement
  • Determination of local property taxes
  • Obtaining appropriate liability and property insurance coverage

Per UW policy, UW Real Estate (UWRE) is the only authorized unit that can sign a lease for space being used for university purposes or authorize signature under the UWorld corporate structure. Consult with UW Real Estate before commencing the process of looking for or identifying desired space. For additional information, faculty and administrators should also review UWRE’s leasing process.


Ronald Oestreich, Real Estate, 206-616-3416
Facilities Review Form
Facilities Safety and Security Inspection Checklist
Space Request Form


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